Leather Garments - A Fashion Statement Which Never Goes Out Of Style

Through the years, certain fashion pieces have become timeless. Pieces such as jeans, scarfs, socks are amongst the few that have rolled with the sands of time. The leather jacket or garments are no stranger to the list. Leather jackets can be designed for many purposes. Specific styles have been associated with subcultures such as motorcyclist and military aviators.During World War I it was worn for protective reasons, due to the fact that it doesn't burn easily and it protected the body from injury.

Leather first caught the fashion industry's eye as the leather jacket. The jacket was mostly worn during World War I by soldiers and pilots alike; the design was modified from that era.They were designed with lots of zips and pockets; this gave the jacket its edginess and ruggedness. This appealed to the market and began the leatherwear revolution we adore today. During this time, the jacket was well known for hustle and bustle. Theyhave been popular for over 60 years.

It was the film industry's introduction of the leather jacket that gave its prominent status. Movies such as The Avengers (1983)and The Wild One (1953) featured actors who wore the classic piece. During the 50s and 60s it was associated with rebellion and violence. In those times it was popular for rebellion and was associated with people who were seen as rough and tough. This connotation has died down and leather jackets have become desirable for the elite and trendsetters.

"I own the leather jacket because it was the 'in' thing when I bought it," says Makhensa Khosa. She loves the style and fit of her jacket. Today anyone can own a leather jacket. It is still perceived as expensive due to the fact that it is at times hard to find and certain retailers can be riddled with knock-offs.

The fashion industry is always looking for innovative and captive designs that will blow the minds of consumers worldwide. It can be said that transformation of leather jacket to footwear, dresses, trousers, skirts, bags (as seen today) was a daring move for designers. Consumers are many and varied; retailers try to include as many clothing options as they can. With the increase in leather demand, synthetic or faux leather is being manufactured and sold to accommodate non-meat eaters who don't want to miss out on the latest trends. The inception of faux leather encouraged consumers warmed to the cheaper product.

Leather garments made today are less bulky and light weight. Fashion designers, Kim Schraub and Natalia Kalb, have their own leather collection called Love Leather. They've created confident, colorful, fun pieces cut in simple statement silhouettes which are easy to wear.

Leather is getting cheaper and new fabric technologies and techniques makes lightweight leather available at high-street prices. The leather with which the industry is investing in is leather-lite. This is leather for the skinny-cap era. Leather jacket material made for aviators and motorcyclist is heavy and isn't practical for dresses or flowing skirts.

A design that's remained timeless is the flight jacket, occasionally designed with the fleece collar. It has remained fashionable for decades. It will continue to do so, due to leather being classy and elegant attire. Those yet to invest in one have time to catch-up.