A2 Flight Jacket

The ultimate wardrobe list for an aviator- The top 5 must have

There are five articles of clothing that can make or break the aviator look. The first is, of course, a clean pair of aviator sun glasses. The next is a white colored shirt. The white color is essential, as it really brings the whole look together. The third item is a pair of cargo pants, wide and bushy as to match the style of jacket that goes with the style. The fourth is a pair of leather boots, either long or short, but not in between. The final piece that brings the entire look together is the A2 flight jacket.

Aviator glasses are a staple in the aviator look. One thing is clear. These glasses look good no matter what style you wear. Wearing it with an aviators get up just brings it all back to style that made badass popular. Aviators are loved by everyone, be them cops, military men, bikers, working men, or affluent men. The fact of the matter is that aviators are one of the best looking pair of sunglasses you can buy period, and wearing them with the rest of your aviator appeal puts the cream de la cram on the entire look and really brings it together.

The collared shirt underneath is by far the most conservative aspect to the look. While the rest of the look obviously stands out in terms of fashion, the collared shirt says that you’re straight to the point and down to business. It says a lot about the person wearing the outfit. It says that not only are you ready for the thrill of your life, but your also not about to approach that thrill without mentally preparing yourself. While you enjoy the rush and speed of a jet, your mentally prepared to keep up with such breakneck speeds.

Cargo pants are the pants of choice in the aviator look. Baggy enough to match a flight jacket, these pants just flow with the overall feel of the style. Cargo pants maybe simple, but that’s because of their military origins. Cargo pants are pants meant to keep all the necessities you need on you as to best equip soldiers for combat. With easy access to each pocket and a pocket for all the necessities, between your army pack, your jacket, and your cargo pants you have enough space to carry all the gear necessary for combat and survival in the wilderness.

The boots mostly go unnoticed, but are a fine detail overall when pulling this look together. The aviator look is all about speed and freedom, bringing back the feeling of the wild west and bringing them high into the air or onto the road on a motorcycle. The boots, while overall far from the most important aspect of the look, give it that little bit of flavor that embodies the spirit of American rebellion.

The final necessity is the A2 flight jacket. To sum it up, the A2 flight jacket is the flight jacket you think of when you think of light jackets. Puffy, warm, and overall badass. These flight jackets are great for any pilot, biker, or just overall badass. This jacket is the very heart and soul of the aviator look. If the aviator sun glasses are the icing on the cake, the jacket would have to be the flavor of the style overall. Without the jacket, there is no look.