B-15 Flight Jacket

The must have new trends in flight jackets this summer

The fashion market as we should know is always in demand of something new. For the customer, nothing should be same as last season. This is what keeps the tough competition always going in the market. However, where something must always be replaced with something new in the fashion Industry, there are then thing that are never old and never out of demand. From things” I mean the fabric and some the beautiful creations made out of it. Here I am talking about none other than the beautiful and evergreen fabric, the parachute leather.

Each season comes with the excitement of wearing a beautiful leather jacket. Since the beginning of times, leather never lost its charm and demand. It is one material all the celebrities, icons and models are a fan off. Now what would be more precious than a jacket used in the history of a nation and is also made out of leather? I cannot imagine something more thrilling than having such a jacket for you. Now as you may have guessed, we are talking about one of the very famous military jacket; B-15 flight jacket.

B-15 flight jacket was introduced in late 1944 and replaced the B-10. This jacket was used by the US Air throughout the 1940’s by the pilots and air crew. The purpose of this jacket was to keep the pilots protected from the cold temperature and exposed elements of the environment. The jacket has a fur collar of mouton with 100% wool cuffs and waistband. Also, there is a brilliant feature known as oxygen mask tab, it allows you to keep the emergency mask in your tab while another pocket that is designed for keeping the headset wires in its place. The inner lining of this jacket is made up of nylon.

Soon after its introduction, the replicas of this jacket were introduced. Many companies started to replace the nylon lining with cotton and polyester etc. though it was a bid change, customers didn’t really mind it.

The good news about this beautiful B-15 flight jacket is that it is easily approachable. There are a range of designers who introduce a set of flight jackets each year with a variety of sizes and colors. Although the original color of the jacket dark mint green shade, designers today have introduced it in any colors as brown, black, dark blue and dark brown shades.

To locate the best possible quality of this jacket, it recommended avoiding finding it online. The problem with long distance buying can be the size issues. Most companies have different sizes, what size you think may fit you will probably not, To avoid the struggle, either chose the online store which allows you to try a size at the time of delivery or the one which guarantees you return in case the size does not fit. The other and mostly the best option is to visit the nearest shop from where you can purchase the best possible size and design fitting best to your personality. Check for the quality of the wool, it should be soft and a little rough at the same time. Once you are sure of everything, you will have the best b-15 flight jacket, totally in this season.