B3 Bomber Jacket

Customized bomber jackets: the new trend of this summer

Bomber jackets are some of the most iconic jackets known to the world. Made popular in world war two, brown bombers in particular are an immensely popular style of jacket for someone in aviation to wear even today. Irvin flight jackets are immensely popular for one. Also, the very similar in design B3 bomber jacket is also turning heads this season. Finally, for a look that says American, you can’t go wrong with the simple ww2 style bomber with no fur lining. While these styles are all similar, they each carry with them different meaning to the people that wear them and mean different things to different people. Irvin jackets for example are really popular with nonmilitary aviators while basic bombers are more popular with bikers then really anybody else own days. For that matter, b3 bombers tend to be popular wherever winter weather can be found.

The Irvin flight jacket is a jacket you might typically think of when you think of an aviator. Though it’s really similar in design to the B3 bomber jacket, this jacket is always made out of lambskin and comes in a specific color while b3s come in another. Irvin flight jackets are immensely popular amongst aviators in and out of the military. When you think of a classic flight suit, the Irvin flight jacket is definitely the first bomber you think of. More than simply iconic, these bombers are a symbol of victory in a time when the people of the world needed a win the most. Ever since then, aviators all over the world and not just in the military take up the jacket to feel a bit of that victorious pride that was felt by veterans on v day.

While similar in design, key differences can be noted out of the b3 bomber jacket when compared to the Irvin flight jacket. B3 bomber jackets tend to be made out of more than just one leather, usually horse hide as well as sheep skin. As a result, these jackets, particularly the sleeves, tend to be more patchy then Irvin jackets. For that matter, the patches of different leather are always different colors as to make the distinction from the Irvin flight jacket. Other than that, the pallet of the b3 bomber jacket is much greater than the pallet for the Irvin jacket. These jackets tend to be worn by more so on anyone where weather winter is really bad. That’s because these jackets are immensely warm between the fur lining and the leather outer shell.

Classic ww2 bomber jackets are also an excellent way to go. These bombers tended to be brown and started a long tradition of brown aviator jackets in the military. Even today, the look is so popular that today’s modern bomber is basically just a modernized version of the ww2 bomber. In the past, they tended to be brown and black. While these are still arguably the best colors these jackets come in, today they come in all colors such as white, blue, pink, purple red, or green. Whatever color of bomber you want, you can have it. The world war two style in particular is popular for a reason. It looks damn good whether you be soaring high in the air or cursing the country side with a motorcycle. This jacket is one of the most American bombers out there and owning one makes you a part of that victorious history if even just a small part.