Bomber Jacket Men

Leather bomber jackets: what new designs are popular this season for men?

Leather bomber jacket is the jacket especially outcaste for the flight takers –The pilots. These were originally worn by the jet pilots or even fighter plane pilots and they have been trending as a symbol of bravery and attitude. Every year new and new styles and designs are launched by the designer for pilots and even this year there has been some noticeable new designs introduced for the men.

Some of the new designs that are popular this season are:

 • Vintage leather bomber jacket :

This one is the new design introduced by the brand Vintage for this season for men. The new concept on this jacket is its collar .Previously this brand used to bring on standing collar while this one is rather different. This has also made some changes in the neckline and the wrist line in the jacket. In this jacket the trending color is black .This has been usually launched with chest size 38 this season ,so gym guys might want to try this for fit look.

 • Leather Biker bomber jacket :

This jacket is synonymous to swag, style and sporty get up. It is for the outgoing type of people. One can achieve a very stylish, smart look with this leather jacket. It was worn by Marlon Brando in The Wild Ones and thus gained its enormous popularity. Being wind and partly water tolerant, this biker leather bomber jacket is great for bikers and other outgoing people.

 • Topshop Blousan leather bomber jacket:

This jacket is a new design jacket in the area of bomber .This is produced from the designer Topshop. It uses sheepskin in its outer layer. This new design has introduced button as the neckline fastener which has generally fitted with fur or with standing collar. The jacket has chain as fastener and uses buttons on the pocket and even on the wrists. Another new design on this jacket is its additional inner layer of red color. Generally there was a trend of using fur which has been newly replaced with this layer for this season.

 • Alpha Flight Popular bomber Jacket:

This one is modified design of the bomber jacket men. This jacket is somewhat casual jacket and it fits with the body .This jacket is rather slim body friendly and is suitable to wear with formal dress like suit .This season,the same brand has also launched this Nasa bomber jacket .With logo of Nasa ,this new trending design can be your choice if you are already interested in astronomy and want to try how it feels to look like Nasa personnel. The only trending color of this jacket is green and this has been quite popular this season mostly for Christmas.

These are a few examples of the leather coats that are popular in this season. So, get your style in the kind of leather jacket that best suits you and catches people’s eyes. Be the centre of attention. Get whatever you prefer. It may be long leather bomber jackets, bomber jacket men or cool biker bomber jacket. Be sure to get something that you can enjoy as well as comfortable. The money spent on a good leather jacket is a good investment as the leather jacket will last for a long period of time.