G-1 Flight Jacket

The buyers guide to Flight jackets this season: Whats most popular

The American G-1 flight jacket is famous since its invention. The flight jacket captured the attention of adults to children from the beginning of World War 1. Since then, nothing symbolizes the act of bravery and adventure than the G-1 flight jacket. The construction and creation of flight jackets evolved on a considerably high scale since its introduction in World War one. The original jackets were made of leather. However with the changes and improvements in technology, there were changes in the types of leather and all the manufacturing process. Where some people argue these changes were for better, some claim that there is nothing better than the original G-1 flight jacket. The purpose of these flight jackets was however to provide protection to the pilots and air crew from the exposed elements of environment. However today, with such pressurized cabins the demand of such protection from clothing has been reduced.

In fashion market, although today you can easily find many versions of military jackets, the G-1 flight jacket is still difficult to find. Also not only find, but to find in its best possible condition. This is because of the expensive material from which it is made from; goatskin or shearling. Also because these jackets due to the name they carry are mostly available for the elite class and people who can afford to pay. However, recently some of the lesser expensive brands have also made these jackets available in their stores.

So before you decide you want to spend whatever money for the famous G-1 jacket, there is some of it characteristics you should be familiar off.

- First of all, the jacket comes with a beautiful US Navy pattern. These pattern of course is not difficult to identify, everybody knows what it is, right?

- It is made up of silky shearling wool or lamb wool with a fur collar, similar to that of other World War 2 jackets.

- Waistband and Knit cuffs. These are important elements you must look for. Some of the brands replicating these jackets either avoid putting knitting cuffs or a waistband.

- Next you should look for flap pockets in the top entry with full zip wind flaps on the front side of the jacket

- The most beautiful thing for me is the under arm grommets of this jacket.

- Although most designers these days don’t put this title on, but the original jacket said “proudly made in USA 1975.

These are the characteristics of the jacket that are the most obvious and easiest to find. In case you don’t find all the above mentioned features, you can always order a custom made jacket from any of your nearby leather designing manufacturer. However, it will cost you twice as much as the normal one.

G-1 flight jackets are mostly remembered as a sign of bravery and commitment more than its comfort, style or design. For the US navy the days in which this jacket was worn are the proud days. For most people of course it may be just about the great amount of wool and insulation or the highly stylish design, but for the nation lover it is all about in the memory of those proud moments.