Irvin Flying Jacket

Whats new in latest collection of Irvin jackets- its new trends

Irvin flying jackets are simply leather flight bomber jackets made out of sheepskin and typically come in brown pallets. While in the past these jackets only came in one basic design, now a days they come in all different sorts of shape and sizes. The key that makes them all Irvin jackets however is the fact that all of them are leather aviator jackets made of lambskin and lined and trimmed with fur. They also come in a variety of pallets now a days as well, with grey on raccoon fur being one of the best looks in Irvin flight jackets. They also come standardly made with pockets as well now a days for the simple fact that so many people request them to be made that way that consumer demand has overridden any sense of nostalgia people have for the look.

These jackets were originally made as recreations of a specific British world war two flight jacket and are one of the most popular flight jackets around. Though a lot has changes with these jackets, one thing is sure. Irvin flight jackets are a symbol of freedom for all. Still embodying that rebellious spirit of those who first wore these jackets, the look has preserved itself throughout time and overall are one of the most recognized leather luxury coats on the market.

After the war, these jackets were recreated as a symbol of united pride and victory over the monstrous forces of the axis powers. They came in one set of colors, those being dark brown on the outside with a honey yellow fur color trim. They came in one shape, that being with a bit of the lining coming off the front of the flying jacket, the sleeves, and a bit from the waist. For the most part though, the look is pretty conservative in terms of leather fur combos. They also typically carry some sort of patch on the back but can be worn plain as well if you don’t have any to put on.

In today’s fashion driven society however, Irvin flight jackets now come in a verity of different shapes than ever before. Fur patters can now be made in any design of the creator’s choice. The leather used in the jacket doesn’t necessarily have to be so thick. The design is now allowed to be a little more squared as opposed to more round and less symmetrical. Where in the past, only one side of the color was covered in fur and really popped out, not your free to do it with either side, both sides, or even no sides at all depending on the look you’re going for.

Colors can also be experimented with. Where as in the past the only pallet of this coat waybrown on honey, now you can get them in colors such as all one solid color, such as black on black, white on white, grey on grey, red on red, and so on. You can also get them in blending colors like light grey on dark grey, bright red on dark red, grey on white, or grey on black. Or maybe you even want to go with contrasting colors such as black on white or brown of on white or any such striking style and color. The choice is completely up to you thanks to new and recent trends in Irvin flight jackets.

Also, it’s good to note that most Irvin jackets come with pockets in recent yearsthanks to consumer demand. Though before these jackets never had pockets, people wanted them so people get them.