Mens Shearling Coats

The shearling coat for men: new trends, new designs and new colors of this season

When choosing your men’s shearling coat this season, there are three things to keep in mind this year. You must remember to look for style, color, and trends this season. Style this year is all down to business. In other words, all jackets of this style for men this season have a much more renowned look to them overall. Considering the price of these coats, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go. The “it” trend this season is the hooded look. These mens shearling coats come in the standard style only with a hood for a more modern look to the style. This year’s color scheme is much more basic. Black on grey, light brown on dark brown, bright red on dark red, and as well as a multitude of differing accent colors as well as basic contrast colors as well.

The classic mens shearling coat is all down to business. These jackets practically scream success and wealth. Whether it be a night out on the town, a trip to the mountains to get back to nature, a rough day out in the elements, or even in the office on those really cold days, these jackets are one of the best looking leather jackets out on the market. The lambskin leather of shearling jackets are top notch, and the fur is cut for a look that creates a swagger that won’t go un-noticed by the people around you. With a suede that soft to both the eyes and touch, this coat is one of the cleanest styles of coats you can buy in today’s market.

Hoodedmens shearling coatsare the “it” trend of the season. The base of the jackets on this one are a bit more conservative with less prominent features, but overall the style is left intact with the benefit of a more modernized hood look for today’s more hip crowd. This jacket says that your both able to afford the finer things in life but still appreciate styles of simpler times in life when you dint have quite as much cash to spend on looking good. Put the hood away and you’re ready for another day at the office for those cold days at work. Pop the hood out and you’re ready for a night on the town or days when temperatures drop ridiculously low.

Colors this year tend to be much more conservative than in recent years. Basic greys on greys, black on whites, and others seem to be in this season. Depending on the color you chose says a lot about your style. An all red sheepskin and fur shearling jacket is much more different then say a black leather with raccoon fur trim. While the two jackets could be the exact same style, the different colors say a lot about the style you’re trying to project. The read shearling jacket says that you’re a party a ready for those late night gallivants on the town. The black with the raccoon trim more so says that you’re an outdoorsman ready for the hunt this season.

In summation, you have to be on the lookout for style trend and color this season. This year’s style is more business conservative than in years past. This year’s trend is the hood added for functionality as well as a more street style. This year’s color choices are conservative but stylish.