Red Bomber Jacket

The bold experiments by designers in bomber jackets- what’s new?

The bomber jackets ascended out of compulsion during the World War, for the pilots and air force officers who fought the battles. But soon after the war ended, these jackets became common among general people as well because of their comfortable, unique and warm designs made up of animal leather and wool and fur.

The 90s was the era when bomber jackets were in fashion trend, the most. Pop stars of the 90s were the ones to bring these bomber jackets to the mainstream eyes. They were so durable and trendy that everyone used them until their last fiber was useable. Now, the bomber jackets must be one of the most staple attire in a person’s wardrobe. These jackets provide incomparable warmth in windy or rainy weathers and have a well-earned reputation as a fashionable part of men's as well as women’s wardrobes. This jacket is so versatile that it can be worn for any event and occasion from casual to semi-formal. Because of its versatility, the bomber jacket has got a sturdy growth in its fame over the years.

The original color of the bomber jackets was navy but you can easily get a black, brown or a red bomber jacket. Various fashion designers have tried to re-create and modify the original designs of these member jackets into something new. These jackets had great make over by various well known designers this spring. Here are some of the awesome creative recreations of the talented fashion designers of today:

 • Mesh or Lace Bomber Jackets:

Bomber jackets are absolutely in style this year in both spring and winter. It is certainly your choice to wear it with whatever you want; wear it over a formal dress or your casual jeans or you favorite girl next door skirt during summer. Mesh or Lace bomber jackets are the very common and famous ones this season. Made, out of simple mesh cloth, this jacket protects your beautiful from the scorching sun during the summer.

 • Floral Bomber Jackets:

These floral bomber jackets are the special variations of the bomber jackets especially made for females as females love the floral prints more than the darker shades and manly colors. These floral bomber jackets range from thick to thin as you want to buy. Thicker ones are perfect for the snowy winter and the thinner ones are great to use as a sun protector during summer and spring.

 • Fashion Fit Bomber Jacket:

These bomber jackets are a slight different from the traditional bomber jackets. These jackets are inspired by the traditional ones, designed for women. These jackets are tighter as they were designed for women and warm of course. This jacket had been designed keeping the women fashion sense into consideration.

 • Colored leather bomber jackets:

Thanks to modern techniques of dyeing that leather jackets, shoes and accessories are easily available in any color you want it. Previously, only darker colored attires like black and brown were made out of leather. But now you have a wide range of colors to choose from. If you are more of a colorful person, you can easily get blue, yellow, or red bomber jackets very easily. Red is a very unique and elegant color to choose. So, try it.

This season give a try to bomber jackets, and I bet you would love those jackets!