Shearling Coat

The latest designs and trends in leather coats: What to buy

Trends this season in men’s leather coats are actually pretty simple. Leather trench coats are in. Mixing the style of the American badass with the mystery of the trench coat resulted in an intense look that still popular even today. Shearling coats are also really popular this year. Sheepskin leather and fur meat for a look that one can’t help but appreciate for both quality and style. Puffy leather coats are also really popular for the winter. Mixing the warmth of a puffy winter jacket with the wind breaking excellence of leather, this jacket is anything but lame when it comes to keeping warm this season.

Leather trench coats are a look that’s been in style since its creation. There’s just something about the dark colors associated with leather and the mysterious style of the trench coat that radiates an intensity unmatched by other coats. Dark leather in particular is in style with the cloths and other cultures that have adopted the style. Shiny, tight, black trench coats on the other hand radiate a style that feels more futuristic because of the matrix movies. You could also get another color of trench coat other than black, like red or brown. Suede trench coats are one of the best looking trench coats that you can treat yourself to.

Shearling coats, on the other hand, are elegant, extravagant, and overall emit a strong vibe of affluence given the clean cut nature of these jackets. Whether it be light brown with a dark brown fur trim, black with a dark grey trim, white with a black fur trim, bright red with a dark red fur trim, or whatever other combination of color, this year’s shearling coats sure do make a bold statement. In terms of colors, mostly what’s in this year is conservative colors. However, some designers have gone a bit bolder with more contrasting and vibrant colors. The classic style is in this season, but on top of that for men the hooded look is in. For women the aviator look is a new experimental look of the season as well.

Puffy leather coats are also inn this season. These jackets take the warm nature of winter puffy coats with the expensive swag and greed wind breaking utilities of leather. These jackets aren’t just warm, but also stylish. With a style that says you’re ready for winter and willing to look good enduring it, you can’t go wrong with a leather puffy coat. These jackets are insanely arm. Leather by itself is one of the warmest materials you can buy. Stuff it with goose down and you have yourself a coat that’s ready for any and all winter conditions.

In conclusion, there are three styles that are really in season in terms of leather coats this year. Leather trench coats are an intense style that will never go out of style. Be it the Goth look of the matrix look, these coats are insanely popular for a reason. They look good. Shearling jackets are the “it” jacket of the season. Combining the warmth of fur and the quality of only the finest sheepskin, these coats are an affluent and fancy look for this year’s business professional on the go. Puffy leather jackets are the warmest of the warm option of the season. Combining two of the warmest trends in coats, this style is definitely not only unique in nature, but functional as well.