Sheepskin Jacket Men

The new trends in design of leather jacket this season for men

Leather Jackets, having been popularized in the 1940s and 1950s by famous stars in the Hollywood industry have found its way into the fashion industry these days. They are a popular choice for both men and women simply because of their durability. They are worn not only for protective reasons but also for fashionable reasons and to occasionally create a potentially intimidating appearance. The sheepskin jacket men have won the hearts of many people.

Most of them are produced in the United States, Mexico, Pakistan, India and Italy with tanned hide of various animals gotten from the meat industry.

Sometimes fabrics the stimulating leather such as PVC or polyurethane is used as alternatives for animal hide leather. These fabrics are also used for economic reasons as synthetic fibres are considered to be less expensive than the original leather.


Leather Jackets are made of different sizes, styles and colours for both men and women. Some of which have their hem falling between the hip and the thigh. Others have theirs falling slightly above the knee and others covering the whole body with the hem found slightly above the ankle. In this article, focus will be placed on those for men.

The Aviator: One of the several styles fits well on slim people because of the additional stuffing inside that are meant for keeping the wearer warm. Since they find their origin from the military, they find themselves as part of the current military trend and they blend very well with acid wash jeans, chunky knit jumpers ormilitary boots.

The Bomber: This design was made prevalent by John Dean. They are designed to to give you a broader look at the top therefore guys who do not come with built garments, finding one with elastic around the waist line clinches you in, making you look a bit broader at the top. Wearing it ontop of a denim shirt, skinny jeans with brogue boots make you look rather stunning.

The Jacketfor Bikers: The motorcyclist jacket is one unique piece that stands out exclusively. It was made popular by Marlon Brando. Slim men can put it on with a skinny black jeans and a plain white / greyT-shirt. Men who are also a bit older can pair shadyazure jeans with a black biker jacket, but it might make you lookslenderer depending on your body size. Another perfect pair will be with a monotone T-shirt with a slim fit darkdenims and ankle boots.

The Hooded Style: The hooded sheepskin jacket men are another sleek style for the youth. It could also be described as a sweatshirt with a hood. Though it’s been tagged with a whole lot of perceptions in many countries for its use in carrying out crimes, it is classy and makes you look ‘cool’ when blended with brown coloured trousers, pistolsandexposé neck T-shirts. David Beckham was known to be the one who made it popular.

Tan and Cultured Leather: Wearing a cultured leather jacket could easily attract people’s attention on you. At first when one thinks of leather jackets, onethinks of either brown or black. These days they come in different colors. They work great with block coloured outfits or opposite colors. They combine very well with trousers, shoes and block coloured top and accessories matching with your jacket color. No matter your age or body size there is a style for you this season in sheepskin jacket men.