Vintage Bomber Jacket

The must have of this season for ladies- The bomber jacket, its new designs and trends

Leather is generally regarded as a masculine form of clothing. But with the ever changing style trends, it is now equally preferred by ladies as well. With the availability of various designs and styles, female are also highly attracted to try on the leather jackets. A proper leather coat is a strong fashion statement. It can provide a classy, cool and smart look to an individual. With different designs and styles, leather coats can be used in numerous occasions like parties, get together, date, outing, or as casual wear. There is a whole range of designs and colors to choose from and you can pick the one that suits your personality.

A good leather jacket says a lot about your attitude. It gives a sense of rough and tough personality. In addition to that, it provides solid protection to the person wearing. It is highly wind resistant which makes it ideal for windy environment. It is also adequately tolerant to water so that provides protection in slight rain. With some chemical treatment, it can be made fully waterproof. Leather is a very strong material and so it is extremely durable and can last for a long period of time even decades. It does not need to be handled with extreme care and is liable to be used a lot more than other clothing items.

Some of the popular and hot trends in the leather coats this season are listed as follows:

 • Vintage Bomber jacket for women:

Also known as aviator jacket or flight jackets, the vintage bomber jacket was originally designed and issued for fighter pilots or aviators in the army. With slight modifications, it is now immensely popular among younger ladies of age 25 to 35 generally. They have zipper instead of buttons and may be blended with other clothing material to achieve more uses.

 • Women's Medium M Bomber Style Quilted:

Apart from the Vintage Bomber Jacket, there is other jacket which is popular for this season is Women's Medium M Bomber Style Quilted. This kind of bomber jacket is usually made up of the synthetic material. And this jacket even looks like the soft and supple jacket.

 • Women Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

This Bomber jacket can be best termed as the version of bomber jackets. The best features of these jackets are over size funnel neck, zip down, the exact size of the body with asymmetrical motorcycle cut. This bomber jacket is famous among the young women.

 • Womens Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket :

This can be even termed as the stylish jacket of this season. The best features of this jacket are shape, size and the cap attached to it. This jacket is as useful for the winter season just apart from its design factor.

These are a few examples of the types of new bomber jackets that are popular in this season. So, get the jacket to fit your style, the type of leather jacket that best suits you and catch people’s eyes. Be the centre of attention. Get whatever you prefer. It may be long B-3 Bomber Jacket or vintage bomber jacket. Be sure to get something that you can enjoy as well as comfortable. The money spent on a good leather jacket is a good investment as the leather jacket will last for a long period of time.