White Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket look you least expected: the colored collection of this season

Bomber jackets might be the new cool in fashion but they are not without history. Bomber jackets are also known as the flight jackets as they were originally designed for the air force officers, an example of which you can see Tom Cruise wearing in the movie ‘Top Gun’. Initially bomber jackets in black or khaki colors were in rage but the trend today is absolutely colorful. With fashion taking new heights and celebrity experimenting with looks, bomber jackets have got quite the makeover and now the latest trend in bomber jackets is of colors like white, yellow, mixed colors in print and many more unconventional designs.

Men for years wore bomber jackets in traditional designs; we have to give credit to the female celebrities for bringing in more unconventional and least expected looks. Let us look into this season’s least expected designs and colors of bomber jackets and also who wore them.

White Bomber jacket: Rihanna wore a complete white and longer than usual bomber jacket to dinner! , and looked just fabulous. Now, white bomber jacket is not really usual but it is very in this season and looks just great on any body type as white is a neutral color.

Printed bomber jackets: Both men and women are flaunting this style of bomber jacket. Rita Ora was among the female celebrities to flaunt this style with white and blue bomber jacket with printed symbols, smileys and more. Pharell Williams also spotted this trend with black and yellow printed bomber jacket with polka dots on sleeves and printed figures on chest.

Embellished bomber: And again Rihanna is the one to hype this trend. This is a totally rapper look; shiny and totally unconventional.

Flower Printed Bomber: Like Nichole Scherzinger carried the black and white bomber with blue flower prints, you can do that too for this fall/winter. Who would have thought the bomber for pilots would come down to flower prints but it’s all for fashion.

Red leather bomber: This whole red bomber looks so hot; you can pair it with a dress, jeans or skirts and whatnot. Kendall Jenner so loves red bomber, she was seen wearing one and totally rocking the look with ripped jeans.

Black and white bomber: This has to be the most popular bomber this season. From male celebrities like Tom Odell to female celebrities like pink and more, this black and white bomber jacket is going places this season. It is like the new LBD in bomber jacket world.

These were the least expected and colored bombers of this season. Now, black is timeless an always cool but we didn’t mention it here to give you more on unconventional bombers of this season but black is still rocking the charts as well. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Kim kardashian have flaunted this style with so much cool. If you are among the reserved group and think that bombers don’t go with dresses then you might want to think again. Lena Dunham and Kim Kardashian have carried bomber with dresses very well. You can go matching with your dress, blue bomber with blue dress like Lena did or you can go with darker colors in evening wears or simply go red bomber in evening dress to stand out. This is our season. Have fun fashionistas!.