WWII Bomber Jacket

How the vintage jackets changed down the years: The latest trends

There are several different vintage jackets to consider this season. You could always go with a vintage greaser jacket for that classic biker look. You could go with a wwii bomber jacket for a style and look that never goes out of style. You could also go with a vintage nineteennineties biker look. This look is very hardcore and chromed out compared to other years. If intensity is what you’re looking for, a nineties vintage biker jacket is the perfect choice.

There are two key factors to consider when labeling a jacket as vintage. The first thing you have to realize is that a vintage jacket is always a jacket from another year’s style. Either it has to actually be from that era or it has to be fashioned to look like it was from a certain area. The jacket itself is warn to add to that rugged look, either through actual aging or artificial aging. These jackets come from about 15 or twenty years ago, such as the nineties and all time periods before. They’ve changed as often as clothing trends themselves have changed. Any time period you can think have, sans recent years, can be considered vintage clothing.

A 1920’s greaser jacket is the perfect jacket when getting back to basics. This jacket truly embodies all that it means to be a biker. These jackets were made popular after world war one and quickly caught on in America soon after. Fashioned after a world war one bomber jacket, these jackets were first worn by aviators of different air force veterans around the world. At the time, cockpits were not yet completely enclosed so this jacket was made to break the harsh wind involved with flying a jet. When aviators came back home, they took to motorcycles because it was a lot like flying in terms of the wind in your hair and the rush you get from speeding down a long straight road without a care in the world. As a result, most if not all bikers adopted the look in general. Owning a vintage twenties greaser bomber is like owning a piece of history.

WWii bomber jackets took a slightly different approach to the bomber jackets. WWii bomber jackets were all primarily brown or suede. These jackets are also a rich piece of American history. World war two was truly the dawn of the jet aviator, and these jackets completely compliment the look even today. Directly after world war two, this was the style of jacket that bikers chose. The brown leather jacket is in every way just as iconic as the black leather jacket in terms of recognize-ability as a universal symbol of badass.

Or maybe you want a more recent vintage jacket, in that case, a nineties leather biker jacket may just be the perfect fit for you. The nineties was an era of intensity. These jackets are much more chromed out and riddled with spikes then in any other years. These jackets aren’t just perfect for bikers, but their also perfect for heavy metal heads as well as punk rockers who are into the entire nineties brutal scene. This was an era of flair to be sure. You didn’t turn heads in the nineties without an intense look and an attitude to match, and these jackets embody that feeling of restless rebellion and chaos.