Custom Leather Belts

The leather belt: The changing design trends- from classic to unconventional

Leather is one of those masculine things that will never wear out of fashion no matter what. The most important part of men’s wardrobe consist most leather products. From leather coats, jackets, boots, gloves, hats and now belts. Yes, belts, I know they look trivial and you might not think them as much important other than for holding your pants or trouser to your waist but believe they are so much more and you should give more importance to the kinds of belt you wear than to that one strap of hair you spend an hour fixing.

Custom leather belts can make you look stylish, smart, and showcase your taste in all things. Now, you can get belts in various forms like in plastic, woollen, cotton, straw and more but the one true manly version and smart ones are the leather belts. They are classic, sexy, and smart and yes they also tie better. They can be formal and non-formal both whereas you will never pass that job interview with a plastic belt round your waist, personality means a lot in today’s world. Custom leather belts can be your choice if you want a touch of your own choice and fashion sense in your leather belts’ wardrobe.

Belts have a history of as far as to Bronze Age and when we say belts in history it means leather belt (our ancestors might have made some out of plants to tie on to their leopard skin to cover their parts but that does not count here). Before the 90’s, belts were usually linked to military uniform and used for decorative purposes but after that time the modern use of belts started. Even before that in the 17th century both men and women used to wear belts in the western world. Various kinds of classic and traditional belts would be leg belts, studded belts, and police duty belts etc. From then to now a lot has changed in everything and so in the belts world.

We will talk briefly about some of the most unconventional belts in the modern world here today.

 • The braided leather belt: you can wear these belts with sports jackets or trousers and these belts are comparatively closer to dress belts for men in look. The braid quality of these belts actually provides that nice texture and you also have the benefit of having the entire belt space to fix the adjustment of the buckle. This will make a subtle effect but avoiding creating an overwhelming response.

 • Tooled belts in leather: the difference between tooled and regular belts is that tooled belts go through a process of being stamped decoratively. The stamping process leaves behind patterns on the leather. And then the patterns are stained to make the minute details be more vibrant. You need to pair these kinds of belts with a simple outfit as jeans and shirt , pairing them with other patterned items is not advised as it will make the look too much out of the box.

 •  Ribbon leatherback belts: These belts are there to ensure style to those of you who are more of outdoor games oriented like golf or fishing. These belts have bold colours which do not look boring or dull and so helps your adventure to spice up with style.

 • So these were some the unconventional belts in the casual belts category. You can always rock your fashion sense with some of these.