Genuine Leather Belts

How to check the genuineness of a leather belts- The tip

Leather belts are not just clothing accessories but also they reflect your personality and fashion sense. Genuine leather belts are status symbol among fashion lover and society. Leather belts cost varies with its built quality leather quality and its overall style. Even a small mistake while buying a belt and if it doesn’t match yourclothing it will ruin all your dressing

While buying leather belt you must notice something. You don’t need to be belt or leather expert to buy one but if you want a durable stylish genuine leather belt there are some tips and fashion rule which will help you to choose a belt best fit your personality.

Here are some of the tips that you have to take care of to ensure genuineness of your leather belt

Shine: There are belt available which are shiny and looks so good. But there are high chances they are made from synthetic leather as different type of polymers and petroleum are used to make them and to make them extra shiny. But over all they look cheap after some time. So if u sees a too shiny belt there is chance it’s not genuine leather belts.

Cost: There are different leather belts available in market with different price tag. Fine leather cost more than synthetic or bonded leather. But you can get a genuine leather belt from $50 – $100. Chances are anything which cost below this price range is not genuine and if you are buying them you are sacrificing quality. Somehow genuine leather belts and synthetic belt looks alike but with time synthetic leather belt loses its charm so keep its price in mind while buying leather next time.

Stitching quality: Genuine belts in leatherare fine stitched and the treads are in uniform manner. Threads used in high quality belts are of strong and durable and there are no visible thread ends.

Flexibility: A high quality belt is more flexible and pliable than of a low quality belt. The flexibility of belt ensures how durable belt is and the quality of leather used in them. When bent for some time low quality leather belt start coming out and ripping from the bending part but genuine belts in leathercan easily handle it. While wearing belt all day long there will be a lot of stress on belt and its where low quality belt give up. So flexibility is major difference between low quality and genuine belts in leather

Touch :

The genuine leather belt gives the supple and smooth touch to your skin unlike artificial synthesized leather. There is warmth feeling when you touch the leather. The wrinkles that comes while pressing the belt naturally goes off as we leave the force in case of natural belt. Genuine leather is even hard to create an impression through finger nail and apart from that the genuine belt cannot be pierced by needle or it is quite hard.

Smell: The genuine leather belt will give some unique smell. It might be somewhat like plastic but not exactly like plastic. This might not be very confident way to measure as the companies can even spray some artificial fragrances to create an illusion.

If you are even going to buy some of the leather belt, you better take care of these stuffs before you buy them so that you can always get the original and genuine leather belt for you or your partner.