Handmade Leather Belts

The must have for the Elite- Handmade leather belts and most popular trends

Everybody loves to feel special and things that make us feel special are not the common but personalized and things that have been given due importance while making. Leather to men is what silk is to women. Most of the important part of men’s wardrobe consist of leather products, from jackets, gloves, shoes, wallets, belts, pants and still more. Now, belts compared to other items may not seem so very much of importance but it sure is. Contrary to the common notion of belt being something used to tie your trousers to your waist, belt is actually something that will accentuate your personality and show your standard in taste of things. So, it is high time you take belts seriously and start choosing wisely.

Now, we all know about factory manufactured and common belts, they are regular and everybody owns them. But if you want to make your own style statement and stand out then you need much more than it, what you need is the personalized, detailed, outstanding and elite belts. Belts with such quality can only be found under the category if handmade leather belts. These belts have the best quality leather and you can have the peculiar ones, crafted engraved or printed ones as per your desire and you can even ask to customize it as per your need. Girls are always complaining about how there is nothing to gift to boys except watches and wallets, well here you go, get them personalized and handmade leather belts.

Fashion is dynamic and you can see new trends coming and going in very short intervals. Now there is quite a slow change in trends of belts especially for men but then the change is there for sure. So what are the new trends for the elite- handmade leather belts and what are the popular of the trends. We will be briefly discussing that here:

 • Printed or patterned handmade belts: It has been a very common tradition to use different kinds of stamp prints or certain patterns like of snake or others in handmade belts. You can have it printed for certain occasions.

 • Engraved handmade belts: Another popular trend in handmade belts is to engrave letters, yes; you can have your desired letters engraved in the handmade belts or ask it to be engraved.

 • Studded handmade belts: You can get this in readymade form as well but the handmade studded leather belts are more durable and also look better. You can also stamp print and stud your belt at the same time.

There are various reasons to having at least one handmade belt in leather in your wardrobe. Everybody is wearing plain slim cut belts and there you stand out in your handmade, personalized and detailed belt, you are obviously to feel good about yourself. Besides, it goes great for certain occasions like Halloween, or a party or a vacation, to compliment that macho look you are sporting and you can have a handmade belt in plain as well, the only difference is that it is going to look way better than others. Tanned, tooled or natural leather, you can see the true quality of it on your belts if they are handmade. So, go for handmade belts this season.