Leather Belts

The most popular leather belts this fall collection: the top 5

Belts are one of the most important accessories of one’s complete personality. In any situation, whether it is formal or casual, belts can add to an individual’s personality. The most popular material for making belts is leather. Leather belts are immensely popular and with good reasons. A number of reptiles and animals skin are used to make the belts. Lizard skin, alligator skin, ostrich skin are some of the most popular and expensive ones.

Leather belts can be formal or casual. One easy way to differentiate between the two is to compare the size of the belt strap to your thumb. If the strap is wider than the thumb, then the belt is casual and if it is the size of the thumb, then it is formal belt. Using this simple trick, one can easily find out if the belt is formal or casual.

5 most popular trends in the leather belts in this fall collection are as follows:

Full grain leather belts: These are the purest form of leather that can be used to make a belt. It is the natural leather and made from the top layer of animal skin. It contains no other type of leather leftovers and is also the toughest type of material. It can last for years even with constant use.

Bonded leather belts: This also pure leather material belt. But the leather is bonded with the unwanted leather leftovers from other product as well. They are very cheap to make and so popular choice of the makers. The leather fibers are attached or glued together and covered to make it look similar.

Genuine leather belts: They are considered the top quality leather belt by most of the people. But in some cases these genuine leather belts also may contain waste leather leftovers from other leather products. The inside layers of this type of leather belts contain inferior leather and so the price is reduced. Only the top layer consists of the superior quality leather or full grain leather and it looks genuine leather belts. It is popular among people as it is cheaper than the full grain leather belts and almost the same to look at.

Synthetic leather belts: These are the cheapest type of leather belts available in the market as there is no real leather in the making of these belts. Various artificial materials like polymers and fibers are used to make synthetic leather which can actually feel like real leather to most people. These are also popular among people as they can get a large number of belts in low price and can wear them as desired. They can also be found in various styles and finishes. They can be worn casually as they provide a wide variety of styles.

Braided leather belts: These are quite the rage this season and you can get them in either tanned or natural leather. These belts can be worn to both formal and non-formal occasions.

Thus various types of leather belts are popular among the people. The leather belts are worn during all seasons and all purposes. It does not have a definite period and style and so the most unique item in your personality. Leather belts can be worn in most occasions with equal ease whether it may be in casual situations or it may be in formal occasions. The type of the leather belt must be kept in mind while in formal occasions but in most other cases a good leather belt is a smart addition for your get up.