Mens Leather Belts

The choices you have for leather belts this season- the top 6 designs

Belts are not like jackets or coats that you need for weather specific times, they are more like umm say shoelaces, and you need them despite the weather and seasons. Belts have a quite long history and it all starts with leather belts. Till today leather belts are an important addition to a men’s wardrobe. Leather belts are more masculine, they also do the tying job better, last longer, durable, more stylish and sexier and are a standard when it comes to wearing belts. Leather belts can be formal and casual depending on the design, texture, colour and the type of belt. With leather belts you can have your share of choices, from classic, unconventional, printed, engraved, studded, slim cut and plain to many more. But fashion changes its course more than a river and so we have the hottest trends, in trend, out of fashion trends and so on. That is why today we have made this about keeping you in fashion about mens leather belts. Following are the top 6 design choices you should absolutely have around your waist this season:

 • The slim cut black leather belt: This is one cannot live without belt for guys. All black and smooth with no blemishes or creases, it is everything smart and very formal. It will make just the right kind of impression in your job interview, presentations or meetings or normal office day. A white shirt and formal black or grey pants with black leather belt in slim cut is just the smartest of looks you can flaunt. Grab it and keep it.

 • Weaved leather belt: Not exactly braided but it quite looks like so, you can wear this kind of belts to party, concert or outing and given the circumstances you can wear it on formal attire too. You can get a customizable weaved belt and add a nice buckle to it if you wish juts to enhance the look.

 • Braided leather belt: This one looks great and looks even better when the leather is tanned, you can wear it on trousers or pants and if it is narrow braids you can pull it off with a suit as well.

 • Big buckle leather belt: when the buckle is big , all the attention obviously goes there so you can have the length part of the belt plain, like a black plain leather belt with big eagle or skull buckle.

 • Studded belt: popular after and with the punk rock culture, studded belts are now going farther than that limitation. They are getting equally popular with other kinds of crowds too. One great addition on leather studded belts would be prints or even engraving some words on it, to make it look better.

 • Wide belt: popular with military or police uniforms, this kind of belt as its name suggests is wider than normal and the texture is not even most of the time.

Mens leather belts have come a long way and are definitely the ultimate men’s style wardrobe essential. Leather belts make any look on men be smart and uncomplicated. You can wear one to make yourself look neat, proper, disciplined , gentleman and it also makes you look quite smart.