Red Leather Belt

How a leather belt can be a fashion statement- The top 5 designs of this season

“Leather belts are used by men only to suit up for their classic formal look.” This is a very wrong concept people have. You can easily find various different designs of leather belts for women that go along with the feminine, graceful outfits they wear. Pants, shorts, jeans, or any other dresses seem totally incomplete without a stylish belt. Belts obviously add a charm to your style.

Girls often have the idea that leather belts are boring and not appropriate for their glamorous look. But girls, would you not listen to your designers? If they say leather, then leather it is this season for you. So while you buy your belts, you must first know what type of belts you are looking for. Women can wear belts either on their waists or hips. So, according to this the choice of your belts also varies. Also, there are so many designs of leather belts in the market that you might get confused about which one to buy and which not to.

So, here is a simple guide about what you must own this season:

 • A Classic Belt

Classic belts are not only for men but also a must-own belt for every woman. The best color for this could be either black or brown. But red leather belt is also great for women to wear in any of their formal attires. These belts can easily be paired with jeans and pants for a classic look.

 • Colorful Belts

Colors are very important part of our dresses. A simple change in the color of our outfits make a huge difference in our look. So, belts of different colors are a must-own this season. Bright colors like yellow, blue, orange or red leather belt can brighten up your look. So why not try them on?

 • Animal Inspired Belts

Animal printed dresses are a sensation and a fashion statement. So, inspired from these animal prints, here we have now animal-inspired belts. Animal-inspired belts are a fun way to glam up your boring dress. Many women are not so comfortable with these belts, but you should at least give it a try.

 • Skinny Leather Belts

Skinny leather belts are usually of breadth 1 inch or even less. These belts are used to give a definition to the pants or to hold up the dresses. These skinny belts are very much in trend these days. This looks like a tiny accessory but can make a huge difference in your look. You can get these skinny leather belts in various color as bright as yellow or pink to darker shades as brown or black. Try which ever suits your dress.

 • Woven or Braided belts

Woven or braided leather belts are a must-have in the wardrobe for the women who love wearing dresses as these leather belts give add a glamor to your dress. These designs are new yet stylish designs of belts that you can get easily in the stores. These woven belts look great with loosely fitting dresses or even jump suits.

Women have a large range of belts to choose from. So, this season accessorize your dresses with different ranges of leather belts to add a different appeal to your dresses.