Wide Leather Belt

The must have 5 leather belts in a men's wardrobe

Like Halloween mean pumpkin pie, belts mean leather belts (poor comparison I know). However, it is true that when you think of belts its is leather belts that you are picturing in your head and hey there is nothing wrong with that in fact that is just what we want you to do. Leather belts might look trivial but they hold great importance in the wardrobe of men. Belts apart from keeping your trousers where they belong on your body also make you look smart, show your sense of style and improve your whole appearance and personality as well. But belts are not magic beans that will automatically do what you want them to; you have to choose wisely to create an impression. And trust me a beltless look can be cool at times but it makes you less of a man to not sport a good belt just like wearing a digital watch when you are 25. The first thing about belts you should know is to stick to leather belts unless and until it is a very beach straw or cotton belt moment. Now, about leather belts, there is nothing as sexy as them and not just when you are wearing it but even when someone is taking it off. Ok, so what are the ‘must have’ styles in leather belts? Yes, I can read minds and you are welcome as today here you will find the answer to the question I just extracted from your mind.

The five must have leather belts in a men’s wardrobe:

 • The slim black leather belt: This is indispensable. This belt is smooth and all black , you can choose the kind of leather you want it; tanned, natural, cowhide or others etc. This is very important for official meeting, formal attires and as well, semi-formal attires, although if you can pair wisely you can pair it with informal attire and make your look smarter.

 • Braided leather belt: This one is multi functional. You can pair it with casuals or even formals at times. A narrower version this braided belt will look in a suit as well while the wider version will go better with casuals.

 • Leather belts from full grain cowhide: These belts are strong and durable. The buckle of the belt has punched holes and the buckle at first is attached by riveting or sewing. As being made from full grain leather these kinds of belts will have remarkable blemishes proving the genuineness.

 • Wide leather belt: As the name suggests these are wider than the normal belts. And they can be trousers belts or waist belts for women. For men they are usually styled more than usual, with pattern or lining and are a style statement. As these belts are often and mostly associated with being military or police uniform’s part, they are considered cooler. Sam Browne belt is widely popular in this category of wide leather belt.

 • Brown leather belt: black is popular in almost all kind of clothing essential but when it comes to belts brown is must. Brown leather belts signify the cowboy culture and little roughness and it is a must have for your wardrobe. Can be buckle or strap or braided but you need this one.