Leather Chaps

The trends for leather chaps which are most popular this season - the top 5

In a simple way chaps can be well defined as the extra coverings for the legs attached with the belt and leggings. The main function of these chaps is to give the protection for the legs. The legs are the sexiest and seductive part of a girl’s body what can be exposed. The more slender the leg is sexier she gets. These chaps are made up of the leather or leather like material. Generally cowboys used this chaps for their protection factor. But nowadays the chaps have become more of fashion use rather than that of protection use. The person of teen age, adult and even follows the fashion of the leather chaps. Besides the chaps of any other material the leather chaps are high of demand in the market.

The following are the top 5 leather chaps which are most popular for this season.

 • Shotgun Chaps: The leg part of the shotgun chaps are straight and narrow. In shotgun chaps each leg part is cut with the single leather piece, which is snug and wrapped around the leg part. These types of shotgun chaps are fully zipped from your waist part to the ankle part for the comfort level. Generally the horse riders are seen in wearing the shotgun chaps in horse show. These days' there are people who are more often likely to use these shotgun chaps for their comfortable style too.

 • Batwing Chaps: Batwing chaps are made up of the smooth and soft leather. These chaps are cut with a flare at the bottom. The two to three fasteners are found around the waist for the batwing chaps. Batwing leather chaps are greatly used for the free movement of the legs. Batwing chaps are even known as the rodeo chaps. These chaps are used for those who ride bucking stock.

 • Chinks Chaps: Chinks chaps are half length chaps and have very long fringe at the bottom side. The leg shape of the chins chaps is the exact difference of the shape of shotgun chaps and batwing chaps. These chaps have got two fasteners in the waist part. These chaps are designed for the hot weather and very cool to use too. These chaps are even called the half chaps. This can be termed as the top chap for this season as this can be use for summer season as well.

 • Armitas Chaps: Amritas chaps are the Spanish style chaps. These chaps are old fashioned chaps but still are in these days fashion. These chaps are attached by the fringe. These are short leggings with closed legs. These chaps are popular among the young generation these days.

 • Zamorros Chaps: These chaps are even popular among the young generation of this world. These chaps are somewhat like leggings which are closely fitted in the thigh part of your legs and flare out below the leg. These are extend far below the boot with a distinctive triangular flare

These above mentioned chaps are categorized under the top 5 leather chaps for this season which can be used for protection purpose as well as the for the fashion purpose too. But before getting you types of chaps just make sure you get the qualitative chaps. Your chaps should be made up of the good leather as well.