Mens Chaps

The evolution of chaps for men: How the design changed and whats hot now

Chaps are strong, robust and well-made coverings for legs while riding that consists of leggings and belt. Chaps were famously used by cowboys and horse riders and are protective garments, originally made to protect the legs from cactus, thorns etc. and made up of strong materials like leather or similar materials. The idea of chaps started form Spanish and Mexican people, cattle herders to be more precise and they used to call it “Chaparehos” which meant “legs made of iron”.

Chaps are also known as riders’ pants or seatless pants as they lack the back side and cover the leg parts only protecting them from wind, cactus, thorns etc. Though chaps were originally designed and created for cowboys and cattle herders, now it is also used by bike riders to protect their legs from debris, wind, injuries etc. It also provides the rider with extra warmth as the effect of the wind is more on your legs and chest while riding. Chaps have been very famous among men since a very long time and still are. Professional rodeos and even bike riders use different designs and colors of mens chaps as their safety gear.

Like anything else, chaps have also been through many phases of evolution to be where it is now. Mens chaps, previously used in the old days, were more baggy and untidy but now they are tidier and look more like the pants that we wear. Here are some types of chaps that were very famous in their days:

 • Shotgun Chaps:

These were the very first types of chaps ever introduced. These chaps are also known as “stovepipes” as the legs are narrow and straight. These were the designs first used by the Texas boys and was widely in use during 1870s. The long and narrow, barrel shaped legs of the chaps were seized together by a belt that fit across the waist. Because of their narrow skin-tight design, these shotgun chaps were very difficult to wear and take off, so a different variation was then made.

 • Wooly Chaps:

Wooly chaps were originated from northern cowboys in Montana and North Dakota during the 1800s. These chaps were originally designed to protect themselves as these regions were colder than other parts of the country. These chaps were usually made up of various types of animal furs including buffaloes, bears and most demanded was the fur of Angora goat. Hence wooly chaps are also known as Angora chaps. These chaps are warmer than other chaps and hence were used by the people of colder regions.

These days there are different types of men’s chaps that are trending. Some of them are:

 • Stock leather chap: This is one of the trending wear. This chap is characterized with side zip on leg and it also has shield like patch on the left part of the hip. This cheap is two inch than the actual trending standard.

 • Men’s Deluxe leather chap : This is trending in black color. The hem it has can be cut up to six inches as well. With the double zipper on the leg provided with three snaps this is the most trending chap this season. There are pockets too in this new model.

Chaps have now also lead their way into fashion world, thought they are limited to rodeos only till now. It took them quite a while to bring on these changes. But after all these changes seem to fit the present day fashion-they are all trending.