Motorcycle Chaps

The buyer's guide for biker: How to choose a motorcycle chap

Chaps are basically the coverings for the legs used while riding on a motorcycle. They consist of a pair of leggings and a belt to adjust it to the waist but lack the parts on seating and crotch region. They have two simple purposes – one is to provide protection to the legs in case of contact with the road surface or wall surface while riding motorcycles and the other is to keep the legs warm while riding the bikes in colder environment.

The motorcycle chaps are usually made up of leather material. They are very practical set of outfit that can also provide some authenticity and style to the motorcycle riders. The chaps are worn over a pair of jeans or any other pants during the ride. They are one of the useful protective equipments while riding a motorcycle which can protect the pants of the rider as well as the rider himself from certain injuries in case the rider comes in contact with the road surface.

Some important things must be kept in mind while choosing the motorcycle chaps to buy. They are briefly discussed below:

The first thing to keep in mind while buying motorcycle chaps is the fitting of the chaps. They must fit the legs properly to serve the purpose. Fitting in the waist region is not a problem as it contains an adjustable belt which can be adjusted according to the size of the user. But the fitting in the thigh region must be proper and comfortable. The chaps should not be too tight while sitting on the motorcycle otherwise it will be a very uneasy ride all along. They should also not be very loose as the gap will allow air to pass through and the legs will get cold. Also, the loose chaps are uneasy to wear and awkward to look at. So, the fitting of the chaps must be just right in the thigh region so as to not be too tight to sit comfortably and too loose to let the air flow. Also, if the chaps are tight fitting, then it will be uncomfortable in the knee while sitting.

Other thing to be careful while getting a pair of chaps is the length. The length of the chaps should not be short at all. If you get the ones that are shorter even by a bit then, it will rise up higher while sitting on the motorcycle which defeats the purpose of getting the chaps in the first place. You will want a pair of chaps that are a bit longer by design. That way when you sit on the motorcycle it will not go high up exposing your legs. Usually, the chaps found in the market are longer but they can be easily adjusted by cutting the bottom off of the leggings. This will not damage the material as chaps are raw or unhemmed at the bottom. The adjustment can be done by you at home with a simple pair of scissors or you can take it to the tailor as well.

A simple pair of chaps can come very handy during difficult situations. The rides on the streets are unpredictable and you must be prepared beforehand. These chaps can provide protection to your legs during cold and windy rides and also protect you from scraping your legs if there is some minor accident on the road.