Western Chaps

Why cowboys prefer chaps and what new trends are new this season

Horse riding and bike riding is somewhat similar to each other as both have equal risks of accidents. Both of these ridings need equal carefulness and safety. Hence, to minimize the risks of accidents and to protect the riders from wind, dust, injuries etc. safety gears are used. Jackets are used to protect the upper body and shoes for the protection of feet. Similarly, chaps are used by the cowboys to protect their legs from wind, cactus, dust, thorns, bushes, injuries and many other hazards while riding horses.

Chaps were originally designed by the farmers and cattle herders from Spain and Mexico during 1800s, to protect themselves from thorns and cactuses while cattle herding and working in the farms. Chaps protected the lower body while working. Chaps are worn similarly like the pants we wear but the lack the rear and the crotch and are held together by a genuine strong belt that goes across your waist.

The cowboy chaps grew famous in the western region and hence were later known as the western chaps as many cowboys there used chaps. Chaps were not only for protection from hazards but also a matter of style for the cowboys. Like we have various types of jeans, trousers and pants to flaunt these days, leather chaps and jackets were the garments to be flaunted by cowboys and cowgirls. Various designs of chaps were created at that time for the cowboys and cowgirls to flaunt.

The trendiest chaps for this season are best described below:

 • Vintage Thick Padded Leather Chaps: The chaps with the pads are the best feature of safety too. These chaps are best used for the motorcycle activity. The best feature of this chap is premium leather and black color.

 • Leather Western Full Chaps with Fringes: This is the trendiest chaps for this season. As the chaps are in full length and the best part are the fancy fringes. You can get these chaps in black as well as the brown color.

 • Brown or Orange Fringe Leather Chaps: This can be said as the most happening chaps for this season. This is the leather chaps which can be found with fancy fringe in brown or leather color depending upon one's choice. The trending color is generally orange but even brown is preferred this season.

Chaps have different variations and modifications these days. Chaps are now also used during bike riding to protect the legs and are known as motorcycle chaps. These motorcycle chaps are inspired from shotgun chaps used by the cowboys. Also, there are chainsaw chaps that are used to protect your legs from the debris of the tree and injuries while cutting a tree with chainsaw. Different modifications of the western chaps are used by the hunters while hunting and external sportsmen to prevent themselves from snakebites and insect bites. These different modifications are used very widely these days. These may not be very trendy and stylish to flaunt like you any other outfits but they definitely are very protective.

The old styled chaps are still used by horse riders and professional rodeos while riding. These are still in trend for those people. And also, along with changing time these chaps have been modified and re-designed more for decorative purposes as it is demand of time.