Leather Corset

How to choose a leather corset: The practical tips

Corsets were very famous in the 18th century. The corset was used to shape a women’s body. Corsets were made to slim down the waist. Its popularity declined gradually as people no more wanted an hour-glass figure. Though corsets are mostly used as undergarment, they are used as outer garments too. Many European countries’s national dress is corset. Recently, however, corset is back in fashion as many women wear it for feeling sensual. Modern corsets are worn as part of dresses, as tops, or as lingerie. Corsets can be made of many different materials, but leather corset has recently gained popularity for its sensual appeal. Black is the most popular color for leather corsets. Pop stars Kylie Minogue and Bey once has made corset very popular as they are seen to wear it frequently in concerts and events. People now consider it as a fashion item rather than a body shaper like the old times.

Leather corsets are available in various shapes and styles. They can be used in the traditional way, that is, to shape waists, as lingerie, top or a dress. The traditional corsets are hard to find now. Corset lingerie is used to wear as an inner garment. They are available in attractive designs. These corsets mostly have snap buttons and zippers instead of the traditional lace. Corset can be worn with a skirt or with gowns. Corset tops are very sexy to wear on top of jeans. Wearing boots along with it will give a more attractive look. These corsets give support and can be of two types: underbust or overbust.

In choosing a leather corset, the most important thing is for the corset to be of the right size. First you need to proper measurement of your body. Take the measurement under your bust, waist and hip. Sizing chart is available in online stores or in shops; you should choose the size that matches your body measurements. Leather is a great selection for corsets for its durability and attractive appeal. However, corsets are also available in other fabrics like brocade, vinyl, lace, sheer mesh, etc. Leather corset is very strong and gives a really thin waist. So, leather corsets are not only fashionable, but functional too. Leather corsets are mostly available in black color. But, red and white colored leather corsets can also be found. Today, corsets are made of plastic boning, which gives good comfort and control. Traditionally, steel was used for boning. There are a few options on how to wear corsets. Choose the one that is comfortable for you. You can lace it up, that is the traditional way. In such case, you should learn how to tie up the lace. Modern corsets have zipper or hooks, which are much easy to wear.

Corset has been rediscovered as a high fashion item recently. Though the style of corset is different than the traditional ones, the basic appeal of it remains unchanged: romantic, appealing and sensual. Corsets are now available in various materials but the construction is still the same. Corsets can be worn as dress, tops or lingerie. A leather corset is a fun and sexy garment to spice up your life. So go wild and choose a corset that you will find fun and comfortable to wear.