Leather Shirt

The trends leather shirts brought into fashion this season: the top 5 designs

In order to get the best leather shirt in the market, it is important to have prior knowledge of the available options that are in the market. Moreover it is important to know the estimates of the price tags that have been allocated. The truth is that most of the leather shirts in the market are quite affordable and therefore everyone has an equal chance of obtaining. There are other factors to also consider before purchasing one for example the branding and the intended use. In this season there are a number of leather shirts that are considered top notch when it comes to the fashion sensitivity.

Top 5 designs:

The short sleeve leather shirt

It is quite smart because of the extension that it has on the lower side of the shirt. In addition the shirt has rounded collars and this improves on the comfort once it is worn. The two straight pockets that are positioned on the chest region improve on their look and design technique. Moreover, the short sleeves are appropriately brought out if they fit perfectly well when they are worn. This type of shirt can be matched with any lower garment and serves the official and the casual function quite perfectly.

The Tan leather shirt

The shirt is made of a combination of tan and leather and the color that is trendy this season is brown. The shirt is long sleeved and the armpits have a pattern that ensures that one is recognized from a distance. Moreover, the shirt has a detachable hood and can be worn perfectly when the weather is too cold without adding any additional jacket on top.

The PU leather shirt

This shirt is made of PU leather and the design is quite complicated. It has a shade of jeans material on one side and the rest of the shirt is made of leather. One of the pockets has a zip while the other has a button closure. The flirty color that is common in the market is black and shades of blue. Moreover the silver buttons ensure that it stands out from the rest of the designs of the leather shirts. The other amazing fact about the shirt is that it can be worn by both the male and the female and the fact that it is quite affordable increases the chances of it being purchased from the market by any interested parties.

The half sleeve leather shirt

The shirt has zipper opening on the front part and the short sleeves are uniquely designed. They are half open and have zips on both sides. In addition they are made of genuine plain leather and it is fully lined. In order to stand out and look smart, it is recommended to select the size that fits perfectly well. In addition the shirt has a distinct label that ensures that is easily distinguished from the rest of the shirts available in the market today.

The sexy leather like shirt

The shirt is made of faux and leather that is quite high class. The shirt is described as sexy because it is specifically designed for the men. When worn, the shirt brings out the all the masculine features of the men and the perfect size is the tight type and the color to try out is the daring black.