Leather Blazer

The changing trends of a leather blazer this season

Blazers are fantastic wears for early winters. They are stylish, comfortable and good wears for normal occasions. Meanwhile, Leather Blazers can provide you almost the same style as normal blazers but with more warmth and probably a bit more panache. Like all leather apparels, blazers too have gone through some changes if not many over the years and are slightly evolving even today. This season too, there have been few changes here and there in leather blazers as new designs and concepts are being welcomed and are being tried by fashion fanatics.

As with all forms of leather wears, black is the color that has been creating quite a lot of fuss around. People generally prefer to go for black because of the style value it adds to the look. Black is the color that can be combined with almost any other color. Apart from black, many different leather blazers in brown, especially dark brown are also being introduced and are being adored by leather blazer lovers all around.

Two buttoned blazers for more formal occasions and four/five buttoned blazers for more casual occasions are being introduced. Two buttoned leather blazers can be combined with a simple shirt on the inside and a good pair of jean. If you live in a colder region then four buttoned warm fur coated blazers should be the preference but if you live in a rather warmer region then two buttoned ones are certainly the ones to go after. Two buttoned blazers can also be used as a casual wear. Four buttoned larger blazers with extra coated fur and extra pockets look attractive too. One buttoned leather blazers with tight fit are preferred by ones who want to go for that classic look. Leather blazers can be separated by their sizes too as the buttons placed in them tends to go hand in hand with the size of them. The drastic change that has taken place in the concept of leather blazers is that these days, people tend to prefer the slim fit ones more. Slim fit blazers are the ones to go after for more formal occasions while long/lengthy bulky blazers should definitely be your wear of choice for more casual occasions.

Leather blazers are generally made from sheepskin leather and this season too sheepskin is used to develop a wide variety of leather blazers. Sheepskin or otherwise known as lambskin is used because they provide an extra softness to the leather material. Regarding the patterns, leather blazers with solid patters are the ones that have been drawing a lot of attention towards it and can be considered a new experiment in the leather blazer universe. Soft leather blazers with linings are another of preferred new style of blazers found today.

The other new features that can be found in them leather blazers are the pockets. Additional pockets are used in these blazers. A specific example of this would be the ones that come in with a chest pocket and a couple of flap pockets. They contain a set of interior pockets too. These features were hard to be found in earlier ones. Motorcycle styled inner pockets is also found in few of these blazers which can be considered as a new style developed in them.

One has to really admit that there hasn’t been any huge addition in these leather blazers as we can find in other leather apparels. But maybe that is what keeps it alive. They are simple wears and people seem to like it as such.