Leather Trench Coat Men

How the leather coats changed over the years and what’s hot this season

Leather coats work where leather jackets are tagged as being casual. Leather coats give you a more gentle, somber and formal look. They are not on the streets as rampant as leather jackets but coats are sure a big deal in fashion industry. Coats in leather have been in use for decades now. Famous celebrities like George Clooney, Leonardo dicaprio, Jenifer Lopez, Lady Gaga have been spotted flaunting different kinds of leather coats. Coats in leather have changed over the years in the sense that before they were associated as a fashion statement for the notorious and now gradually have become classy and gentle appearing attire. Today let us see into the hottest leather coats for this fall/winter:

 • Leather car coat: This was popular mainly in late eighties and early nineties but it’s made a comeback in today’s fashion trends. Car coats are usually in black or brown leather and measure above around two inches own the waist. It is popular with both men and women and can be worn with denim or even dresses accordingly.

 • Leather trench coat: You must have seen male models flaunting trench coat in runway but might think it’s not quite something you can carry, but leather trench coat men is not that hard to pull off on the streets as well. Yes, it looks better on taller men but if you have an average or a shorter frame then all you got to do is wear it with hat. Leather trench coats men come in various styles like with shearling, broad collars, waist belt and chest pockets and you can have color options too. Black is as always timeless but white and brown leather trench coat men are also some considerable options for this season.

 • The Disco leather coat from fight club: This one is another hot leather coat trend for this season. Although it is made popular from movie Fight club where Brad Pitt wore it, this coat is usual for the street style. You can wear this dark brown leather coat with a turtleneck underneath and jeans or with full sleeves as well for winter. It is ideal for evenings too.

 • Leather overcoat: This one is absolutely necessary for winter evenings or even days. Like most overcoats are this leather overcoat is also to be worn over your layer of cloths for more warmth , protection and especially during snowfalls as leather won’t absorb the moist like other fabrics. Leather overcoats are going to be always in during winters.

 • Leather fur coats: These kinds of coats are popular and hot this winter because mainly with leather fur coats you can avoid the insanely thick layering of cloths underneath. The fur keeps you warm and leather will block the cold from getting inside. This is a smart and stylish choice for winter. Many celebrities also have been wearing this style.

Winter is on its roll and you need to prepare yourself for it. Leather coats are very much in this season and might be just the winter style change you are looking for. You can choose the style and spend this winter in style and comfort. Leather coats are one of those styles for men this winter which are sure to grab attention.