Long Leather Coat

Popular and hot trends in leather coats in this fall -winter collection

A proper leather coat is a strong fashion statement. It can provide a classy, cool and smart look to an individual. Though it is a masculine form of clothing, these days, women are also attracted towards a good leather coat. With different designs and styles, leather coats can be used in numerous occasions like parties, get together, date, outing, or as casual wear. There is a whole range of designs and colors to choose from and you can pick the one that suits your personality.

A good leather coat says a lot about your attitude. It gives a sense of rough and tough personality. In addition to that, it provides solid protection to the person wearing. It is highly wind resistant which makes it ideal for windy environment. It is also adequately tolerant to water so that provides protection in slight rain. With some chemical treatment, it can be made fully waterproof. Leather is a very strong material and so it is extremely durable and can last for a long period of time even decades. It does not need to be handled with extreme care and is liable to be used a lot more than other clothing items.

Some of the popular and hot trends in the leather coats this season are listed as follows:

 • Matrix movie long leather coat:

This trending long leather coat is inspired from the matrix movie where it was worn by Keanu Reeves. The coat is characterized with shrinkable leather and buckle at the waist .The Sheep skin is used for the development of this coat. With the collared neckline and buttons used for better fastening, this trending coat takes the list of number one.

 • Wilson Black Over coats:

This coat provides a certain class to the individual. Long leather coat is very stylish looking get up and can be an interesting option to wear. Various types of coats are available like leather trench coats or simple dusters etc. They can be used for various occasions and also on top of formal wears in order to protect them for potential hazards that may be faced en route. They may act as one’s style signature. The solid patterned coat with black color, this one is another hit in the list of coats.

 • VTG Brown leather coat: This leather coat is basically known for its shrinkable leather and the brown branded color. The coat has two pockets on its either side with buttons on it. The fastening system it has is outlined by zipper.

These are a few examples of the leather coats that are popular in this season. So, get your style with the type of leather coats that best suits you and catch people’s eyes. Be the centre of attention. Get whatever you prefer. It may be long leather coat or cool biker leather coat. Be sure to get something that you can enjoy as well as comfortable. The money spent on a good leather coat is a good investment as the leather coat will last for a long period of time.