White Leather Dress

The Latest leather garment trends for ladies: The top 5 trends in designs, patterns and colors

There was a lot of issue regarding the term leather. The proven fact about the leather is that it can never ignored in fashion. Leather was, leather is and of course leather will always be in the trend, and no other point can deny this fact. Every winter season, people have big craze about the leather dress. The design might change, the style might get changed but the craze remains the same. Either boys or girls everybody wants to have leather collection in their wardrobe. Leather is even popular in summer like in winter.

The following are the top 5 leather dress trend in designs, patterns and colors for this season; the brief description is given below:

 • White Leather Dress: The white leather dress falls under the category of the top 5 leather dress of this season. One looks absolutely gorgeous in white leather dress up to knee and with white high heels. The white leather dress with round neck, fitted high waist, bodycon fit, side pockets, and back zipper are the main feature of this dress. As this dress reaches the maximum comfort level of the women, this is categorized under the top 5 trends of this season.

 • Black leather dress: Apart from white leather dress, the other fall under the category of the top 5 leather dress of this season is the black leather dress. The black leather dress can be found on both full sleeve and sleeveless. The sleeveless black leather dress is used on casual events whereas the black leather dress with full sleeve is a complete formal dress. This can be termed as the formal wear as well.

 • Red Leather Coat: The next designer clothes which falls under the top 5 leather dress of this season is of course the red leather coat. Red leather coats are always high on the fashion world. You can carry your red leather coat on dark denim or the short skirt depending upon your choice and nature.

 • Leather Mini Skirt: If you are a fond of skirt. You love to hang out on skirts and if this is winter then just don't worry; you have the leather mini skirt with you. This leather mini leather skirt even falls under the category of top 5 leather dress trends of this season. As we are aware of this fact, the leather is the maximum warmth providing material, so you can use it on winter too. You can use the leather mini skirt with the high booties and long coats as well.

 • Leather Pencil Skirt: This leather pencil skirt was popular in the past too. I have seen Angelina Jolie wearing the tight black pencil skirt in various events. The pencil type of design of this skirt gives you the perfect new look with the absolute good figure. The pencil type design helps your body to make it look slimmer.

The above mentioned are the top 5 leather dress for this season which are high on demand on market. These dresses have been trending because these are the dress claimed by the public mass that shows class and fame with high standard as well as coziness. These leather dresses are well in design, top in style and good in pattern. Hurry up ! Get some of these new trends for you this season.