Leather Hats

The hot looks in leather hats this season: the top trends and designs

Guys have very few accessories to style with when compared to girls. I do not think guys have any objections as such but hey! To make the best out of given choices ain’t gonna hurt anybody, would it? The next accessory choice after watch for guys is hat and not everyone can carry it off so well. Hats are considered primarily in context to men for gentling their appearance. Hats add that calm and gentleman of importance factor to your whole personality. Hats have been a part of men’s wardrobe for a very long period in history till now. It is a complete necessity at certain occasions but with fashion gaining height over the years it is more of style statement now. A certain category of hats would be leather hats which by the way are very trendy this season. Note this that hats are no more accessories embraced by guys only; it is getting as popular with girls. But today here we will be talking about the hot looks in men’s leather hats for this season so that you have the idea of the top designs and trends in leather hats.

Hats are something very personal and when it comes to hats, a lot of workmanship is required and that is also how you can differentiate between a good hat and just a hat .Following are some top of the charts design and trends of hats for this season:

 • Bowler or derby hats: Bowler hats are one of the common hats perhaps but they are also the coolest, easily available, blend with any outfit and one of the most stylish hats around. This season is all for the stiff and rounded dome derby hats. Go for it!

 • Pork Pie Hats: These hats are also quite popular; credits to their making you look smarter ability. These kinds of hats have a top that is flattened with no crease down to the centre. These are in fact pinched on the side same as fedora hats. The pinching because it creates somewhat wedged or a triangular shape at the front.

 • Fedora hats: These hats are the classic in men’s hats and are considered timeless. Everyone recognizes a fedora hat and it is quite common. But a leather fedora hat will obviously make you look special this season.

 • Trilby: This hat is also referred to as crumpled fedora as it was its name in the past but not anymore. It is widely known as trilby and this is one manly hat. While wearing a trilby hat, the brim at the front is to be snapped downward while the brim at the back is snapped upward, this will project the back of the hat with narrowing angle.

 • Cowboy or Western hats: Western hats are probably the most recognized and worldwide used. The cowboy culture has made this hat very popular and so is a hat cool enough to own for ay season or year. Western hats have wider collars and double crown and are larger in size than other hats.

For a lot of you the major question that comes with buying a hat is ‘what to pair it with exactly? ‘And it is true hats with certain attires look silly but you still have plenty of choice, For example a body with tight fitted black jeans and plain shirt can have a bowler on its head.