Blue Leather Jacket

Leather bold fashion trends-The changing trend of the season

New season means you have got a new opportunity to redesign your wardrobe with latest designs. Leather jackets are very popular this season. In fact, it is so popular that some people are saying leather revolution has taken place. The versatility nature of modern leather jacket styles lets the wearer creatively combine his or her leather jacket into office look, casual look or evening party style. The major benefit of these leather jackets is that once you add it to your wardrobe, they will be worn very often and will remain in the wardrobe for many years undamaged. Leather jacket is, therefore, a wise outerwear investment. Along with the classical and elegant styles, modern and bold fashion trends have taken the floor recently. The bold styles this season are discussed below.

Bolt patterns like plaid are included in leather jackets. Though this pattern is traditional, every season its design changes. Instead of the typical horizontal and vertical lines of two or more colors, incomplete abstract lines are more prominent this season. Colorful plaids of unusual colors are in trend this season. Some of these colors include baby pink, baby blue, cobalt blue, orange, red and yellow. Leather jackets large drooping folded collars and sleeves with a combination of plaids in a different fabric is a style to admire. Blurred plaids are also in.

Bomber leather jacket is a blend of sporty and trendy look. Bomber jackets in metallic leathers, playful accents and bold colors are trendy this season. Embellished biker jacket decorated all over, with contrasting sleeves, some flashy accents, embroidery in shiny colors make some bold fashion statements this season. Dark colored biker jackets of faux leather and fur collars have made a new trend this season. Moto style blue leather jacket has been admired greatly in the runways this season. Blue leather jacket is available in shades of electric blue, cobalt blue, and light blue.

Quilted leather jackets with metallic touch and block of colors are in trend. The bold colors used in these jackets make it different than the previous designs of quilted leather jackets. Shearling has been another style that is on demand this season. Whether of lambskin or sheepskin, patent or not, attractive metallic inserts, contrasting colors and prints have made shearling jackets this season unique. 60s style has been reinvented this season with leather jackets having fur collar and sleeves. Animal prints and sporty appearance dominate the fashion industry. High waist jacket with asymmetric zippers adds an edgy look to the jacket.

Some bold styled leather jackets this season include: patent leather jacket with tangerine borders, bright orange leather biker jacket, emerald green biker leather jacket, red and blue leather jackets, metro style leather coats with waist belts, metallic bronze colored leather jacket, teal colored leather biker jacket having shearling collar, electric blue faux leather jacket, green lambskin leather jacket, bomber leather jacket with gold linings, copper colored collar and sleeves, rainbow holographic biker leather jacket, grey leather jacket with nude colored sleeve and collar, peplum berry colored leather jacket, etc.

This season’s focus is on the cut, texture, color, prints, embroideries and embellishments on the leather jacket. Bright colors have dominated the runways. Bright colors suggest individuality and a playful attitude. So dare to go bold this season with the new leather jacket styles!