Designer Leather Jackets

Designer leather jacket trends- The evolution from classic to colours and bold patterns

So, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous new designer jacket? You are probably taken over by the quality and beautiful details of the edgy and sartorial designer brands of today. Indeed, the seamlessly created designer leather jackets have stayed true to the drive of showcasing unconventional and classic cuts to revolutionize fashion.

If you are into adding your own spin on the best labels on the fashion shows, the unabashedly take on the flamboyant wardrobes is surely hard to miss. Follow us as we look into the turning point in fashion history when it comes to the trends in designer jackets from classic, to colours to bold patterns.

The new take

Designer clothing usually comes with clean lines, shapes and textures. The precise detail on leather jackets trends makes it more elegant. A lot of fashion artistes these days have played with the textures, details, prints and shades really quite well.The colours and bold patterns are making a statement on your current wardrobe.

The designers today houses pieces with modern, refined and ageless philosophies. The overstated ‘slouchy’ leather coats, capes and blazers are the new definition of sheer comfort and sophistication. The silhouettes are looser and relaxed that blends well with the natural shades of taupe, cappuccino, and stone.

Narrowing the distance

Did you know that the wide selection of signature lines takes its cue from the diverse taste and style of different generations? The appreciation of the younger audience on gothic designs and vintage pieces bridges the gap between conventional and contemporary. Thus, coming up with sartorial pieces that echo to fashionistas around the globe. The bold patterns on quilted leatherjackets and coats gives out a unique style statement, which comes with distinctive leathers and lapels for every design.

The artistic details on classic contemporary pieces are rendered beautifully on darker shades like dusky red and midnight blue. The appliqué embroideries on these modern vintage pieces look classy on long trench coats, sweaters and knitted tops. Since the trends are ever evolving, the highly crafted designer jackets are now embellished with gold, brass and silver hardware studs in various contours.

Reaching farther and beyond

Luxurious fashion houses are focusing on high-end casual wear. From trousers, dresses and tops, this selection incorporates signature prints with asymmetrical patterns and lavishly vibrant shades. Adding a flush of colour to your elegant staples gives out a touch of sensuality. As it goes for trying on the bold patterns and linear shapes on a plain outfit can be liberating. These new concepts on designer labels make it more ‘ready-to-wear’ and accessible. The brightly hued leather jackets are quite a long shot from the neutral shades that are prototypical to highly expensive designer brands.

Great expectations

From the recent fashion events, it seems that all the rage goes to the new and upcoming designers on the block. While nothing beats the pillars of fashion, the innovative new ideas are a great impact. The details, techniques and fabrics give so much reason for us to desire and explore the new changes. No wonder, popular designers took on the new challenge to come up with new elaborate elements to feature on the already fabulous pieces. The showcase of variety of colours like bright blues, reds and yellows on designer leather jackets are revolutionary. This turning point in fashion makes these leather jackets something ‘to die for’.