Leather Jackets For Men

How to Choose Leather Jackets for Him

Choosing leather jackets for men can be a tricky affair. This is because there are so many considerations to be made. The general questions that come into play when a person is buying apparel for someone else come into play as well. Those include the question as to whether he will really like the leather jackets which can be a very trick question, because there is no way of knowing for sure. The jacket you buy for him may turn out to be one that he doesn’t really like, but rather, one that he just wears to please you – and you certainly don’t want that. With the fashion trends pertaining to men’s leather jackets always in a state of flux, you may also find yourself worried as to whether what you buy for him is really trendy or not. Again, if you buy one that is obviously not trendy, chances are that he won’t tell you (out of politeness). In this case too, he may turn to wearing the jacket once in a while… just to please you. That too is an undesirable situation.

When all is said and done, there are really no hard and fast rules applicable to buying leather jackets for men. There are, however, some general guidelines that can help you, and we will be looking at them shortly:

Pay special attention to the colors

There are certain colors that men like and certain colors that men don’t like. Now it is true that, generally speaking, leather jackets for men tend to be conservatively colored – but even then, there is room for choice. You will also have to take his (existing) wardrobe into consideration and ensure that the jacket you buy for him is one that syncs with the outfits he owns – which are, presumably indicative of the types of outfits he likes.

Ensure that you get the general size correct

The idea here is to ensure that you don’t settle for a jacket that is either too long or too short. You may have to look at the measurements on his existing jackets, rather than trying to estimate and ending up buying a jacket that is either undersized or oversized.

Be sure that the sleeves fit him well

It is possible for a man’s jacket to be of the correct size, in terms of its overall length, only for its sleeves to turn out to be either too long or too short. If you buy a jacket whose sleeves are either too long or too short, the man is likely to perceive it as being an off-putting outfit.

Take his body shape into consideration

The objective is to ultimately ensure that you settle for a jacket that actually flatters his body shape – of course not in a very flagrant way. The considerations that are applicable here are quite different from those that are applicable in women’s jackets. The features you may want to flatter in a man using a leather jacket include his shoulders and his chest. Those are not necessarily the features you’d want to be bringing attention to, if you were buying a leather jacket for a woman.

Make some functional considerations as well

What we have looked at, so far, are mostly aesthetic considerations. Over and above these, you need to make functional considerations. You want to be sure, for instance, that the leather jacket you buy for him will be durable. That would probably depend on the type of leather it is made out of and the workmanship employed in sewing the jacket together.