Red Leather Jacket Men

The colored leather jackets – The favorite trends for this season

The leather jacket has been on fashion since the 1950s. The leather jackets never gets old. People tend to love it more as days are passing. Whenever people think about leather jackets, black or brown colored jackets generally come to our mind. But wearing black or brown colored leather jackets all the time can be repetitive and boring. Colored leather jackets bring new flavor to the leather jacket fashion.

Colored leather jackets look great in block color as well as in contrasting colors. Light brown jackets are trendy throughout the year. Deep brown can be a great substitute to black and will match your shoes well. Neutral colors, like black, grey, brown or white, are easy and comfortable to put on. These colors look good with anything you wear, be it jeans or formal pants. Various shades of blue are in fashion like sea blue, grey blue, sky blue, dusk blue, electric blue and royal blue. These jackets look good with denim. Three icons Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury and Brad Pitt made red leather jacket men very fashionable. Michael Jackson wore a red leather jacket in his music videos ‘Beat It’ and ‘Thriller’ and his outfit stole the hearts of many. Singer Freddy Mercury and actor Brad Pitt also has contributed to fashion of red leather jacket. Even now fashion designers work on red leather jackets men in their seasonal collection. White leather jacket is also very trendy and credit goes to Ryan Gosling who made this color popular through his movie ‘Drive’. His white satin quilted white jacket with a huge scorpion embroidered at the back had created a massive craze for white jackets. Other colors that are trendy this season are: emerald, light yellow, beige, lemon zest, burgundy, grey, orange, etc. Though new colors are appearing every season black will always remain classic. Black leather jacket is ideal for wearing in both office and casual occasions.

When buying a colored leather jacket, it is always wise to buy one that is similar to your wardrobe. This gives you the chance to wear your leather jacket more frequently. For instance, buy black leather jacket if most of your outfits are of bright colors. The color you choose for your jacket should match your personality and you should be comfortable wearing it. Like, orange is a bold color and if you are not comfortable wearing it, you will not look good on it.

Buying a leather jacket is not easy. As leather jackets stay in your wardrobe for a long time, several factors must be considered before buying leather jackets. You should buy a jacket that reflects your personality. The jacket must also fit you well. For example, if you have broad shoulders, bomber leather jacket will look good on you. Biker jacket looks good on tall people. If you are skinny, jackets with a waistband will suit you as it will make you look bulkier. A straight jacket is appropriate for those whose midsection is bulky. If a leather jacket doesn’t match your body shape, no matter how expensive it is, it will not look good on you. A well fitted colored leather jacket which you were with confidence says a lot about your personality and your unique style.