Studded Leather Jacket

The changing face of studded leather jackets this season- What to wear

The Studded Leather Jacket is not just one of the types of jacket pattern but it has hold unique and strong position in the fashion world as well. In a general sense the short leather jacket refers to the short leather jacket studded with iron revels. This is the real choice of punk guys. You might think it is studded (as similar as the embroidered one), and only girls love it, but male people are also very fond of the studded leather jacket. If it was some years back, the studded jacket was just the best choice of the punker boys. Those people who have involved themselves in the stage performance (such as rock stars) use the studded leather jacket. The studded pattern of the jacket was more famous in the denim or leather material. In those days girls are not fonder the studded jackets in compare to that of men as well.

The present time for the leather jacket has changed. The choice is not just limited for the rock stars. Even the fashion lover loves to have the beautiful collection of the studded leather jacket. And the same this is applied by either boys or girls. The studded jacket is being used as the casual as well as the party wear among the youngsters. You just don't have to be a rock stars to wear a good studded jacket. As oppose to the then time where the studded pattern in the jacket was just good in denim or jeans, this has unlimited choice as with the leather too. Even casual wear have been trending as studded jackets.

These are different types of new changed studded leather jacket on market that you can choose this season.

 • Punk studded Jacket :

The motto rivet punk outwear is one of the popular studded jacket that one can choose to wear this season. Also if you are a guy, you might want to choose to wear studded crust metal with pins or hooks on its back. This one is also a trending studded jacket.

 • Studded biker jacket :

If you are a biker, then you have new changed version of the studded jacket. The lamb skin leather heart jacket is popular with its twisted fringe and buttons .They has wonderful designs carved on it are back-especially heart shaped. The Hardly Davidson trending design as studded jacket for biker could be other one on the hit list to wear. The jacket has zipper slips and pockets on either side.

 • Red Studded Jacket:

The new look to the studded jacket is the red studded leather jacket this season. This is new in the sense that it has designs on the mid of the zipper area and even the wrist area is being designed well. Being the brand of Peter Nygrad, this jacket is trending in red color .This is mostly an option to wear for female. This jacket doesn’t have much pocket than those studded jackets that it used to have in previous seasons.

Thus this is what changes has been brought in the market of studded jacket. From the time when only punk guys wore it or only celebrity wore it, today it has been an icon of fashion and every fashion conscious people can try it on them as a casual wear and even in some party.