Vintage Leather Jacket

Leather jacket styles which would make news this season

“Look, look out on the trees, well from here it looks like crystal --shining in the breeze. Look, look out on the land well it finally looks like winterso just reach out your hand...”— Michael Ruff

If there’s anything that the fashion forecasts revealed to us, it’s the styles of the leather jackets that would make the headlines this coming winter. As we hold on to the last days of autumn, we can soon finally say that the long wait is over. Your wardrobe will be decked with more layers of clothing, you’ll get to wear those thick coats and jackets once again and you’ll be spending more time reading this near the fireplace.


More than the obvious new trends in colours and styles, did you know that the vintage leather jacket is making a comeback? The shades of copper, bronze and roasted umber are set to keep you warm on suede leathers as the new snow falls. The vintage inspired bomber jackets in quilted cowhide leathers are also something to wear whether you’d walk through the garden or the snowy mountains in the Alps.


Get a better understanding of the styles of the jackets that would hit the shelves for the holidays in a matter of time. The hint of ‘gold rush’ on almost every dress, shoes, stilettos, pleated skirts and leggings can’t be without a touch of gold on your leather jacket. Did you know that the upcoming design comes with gold studs in various geometric shapes? The new forms of embellished hardware goes well with a leather biker jacket in dark yet vibrant shades of cobalt blue, cerulean, ruby red and scarlet.

Build new bridges

The quilted pieces on miniskirts, pants and leather jackets are created with the rising popularity of ‘fitness fashion’. More and more people are into health clubs and sporty hobbies from day till evening and in between work. The designers had created these quilted details on this winter’s leather jacket so you can easily shift from gym to the office. A black jacket with quilted finish can be a splendid choice of colour along with the ladylike pastels of pink, green and blue hues.


The military trend is far from over. It is in fact just commencing to take the lead this season. The olive green that resembles the feathers of a Parakeet continues to enhance the stunning coats, jackets and woven cardigans on the runways. The high ranks of this disguised colour of the trees will surely look good over and under the snow.

Escape once in a while

Fashionable dressing has taken another flight on the intricate plume feather details on leather jackets. The exotic feathers of ostrich, peacock, and lady Amherst add to the cozy feel of these overcoats in time for the cold. If these aren’t enough, keep warm and cozy with larger-than-life shearling leather jackets to get more out of your fascination with furs.

The designers had taken a new route when it comes to comfort and style. They have created loose fitting clothes from top to bottom for a more utilitarian approach. Your favourite leather jacket is not an exception. Indeed there is so much to watch out for as the new season begins to unfold. From a vintage leather jacket to the unconventional oversized wardrobes, these styles deserve not just a second chance.