Vintage Leather Jackets Men

How to look trendy in vintage leather jacket and what to wear with it

Before the handsome bomber and biker jackets became popular, it all started with a jacket that should perform well on the dire straits and ethers. From one of a kind vintage leather jackets men wore in the cold open cockpits to the daring racing circuits, the reinvented jackets now comes with finer details to let men and women enjoy its stylish new designs that comes with highly durable, versatile and efficient features.

Other than the functional work and leisure outerwear we love about vintage bombers and biker jackets, there’s just so many designs that we can now consider as vintage. It probably goes without saying that anything that occurred in fashion from the past two decades are already considered as antiquated.

But since one of the most outstanding depiction of classic dressing have to do with the vintage designs, we can pay closer attention to the accessories, tops and bottoms that goes well with the conventional pieces to look trendy in this 21st century.

The utilitarian trend

A vintage leather jacket comes in neutral colours likeblack, coffee bean and deep camel tones. These shades are the easiest things to match with anything modern in your closet. If you want to look minimalist, you can’t go wrong with a white shirt or top, worn underneath a vintage coat. Dark or stonewashed denim with brown leather belt perfectly matches the look.

The bold advantage

If you had seen the bright colours of this season, you can have a shirt that has the colour of lime green and blue bubblegum worn with the steady shades of vintage jackets. Khaki pants go well with vivid collared shirts and sweaters. You can match your intensely bright coloured top with a colourful spotted pair of sneakers.

The preppy

The recurring old-fashioned look is not only partial to the vintage leather jackets men like to keep wearing. The lumberjack inspired checkered wardrobe with lingering Scottish memoir is one of the menswear essentials that one can’t simply do without. In fact, women of all ages also loved wearing checkered patterns. The good thing about plaid tops or trousers is that they look perfect with your golden-brown vintage jacket or coat.

The risk taker

The psychedelic and camouflage-inspired prints are one of the hippest things to wear these days. The boyish charm of the soldier look is a welcome relief from the usual plain shirts and pants that consists your everyday outfits. A leather bomber jacket is the perfect match for this up-to-the minute get-up. You can wear it with a pair of cargo pants and army boots and head out to your next call of duty.

The avant-garde

But since the style soldier only goes well with leisure trips, you can opt for a vintage leather coat with slightly longer cuts for work. A vintage looking blazer can look amazing with a plain moss green button down shirt if you want to keep balance and take command at the office.

The player

There are so much modern twists on vintage leather jackets men can wear with. For laidback evenings, you can wear your vintage leather jacket with leopard and zebra prints that oozes with animalistic wild look. This scintillating trend goes well with a black pair of pants. Your black vintage leather jacket with distressed finish can play well with your ‘into the wild’ vibe.