Vintage Leather Jackets Women

Vintage Leather garments- what the Winter collection has in store for women

There is a reason why a vintage piece of garment always finds its way back into your wardrobe. Though the current designers in fashion are always faced with the challenge on new styles, the vintage leather jackets women had in the years has been constantly reinvented to perfection. Hence, they came up with a distinct compendium of fashionable womenswear that defines an individualistic sense of dressing. Perhaps this could be the reason why ladies are hooked with vintage leather garments. And since it’s a new season, there will always be something old yet something new. Something we would likely call-- the vintage winter collection. Let’s find out what’s in stored for us.

Bewitch them with your charm

Ladies look more elegant on dark shades of coats during winter. The age-old accessories like hair barrettes and eye wear with tortoise shell finish blends perfectly with the vintage inspired leather coats such as the capes with velvety smooth suede. There’s a distinctive line between outmoded and vintage way of donning outfits and this one is certainly ‘at-the-moment’. Did you know that capes look eternally chic as you sashay the billowy wrap with your slender figure underneath?

Show your individuality

Fashionable women always have the flair of mixing vintage pieces with the latest items. The current style emanates a timeless classic structure on the gothic designs of garments this season. These latest winters collection is likely inspired by the historical cities in Europe like Prague in Czech Republic and St Petersburg in Russia. This is because the sartorial tastes of its people are a mix of modern classic with traces of vintage dressing.

Get enchanted with its beauty

The matte texture of vintage velvet fabrics and suede leathers seen on the runways can be mixed up with patent leathers for a modern twist. From long coats, short blazers and capes, the geometric patterns of brass metal studs and colourful gems are prevalent to the latest selection of leather garments this season. Even bags and booties are bejeweled to fit for royalty.

Your enchantment with the old-world charms of today’s vintage winter collection can’t be found in the treasure troves alone. The wild forests heading to the medieval castles of your imagination certainly seize this chance to incorporate shearling details to your vintage cape and trench coat. The massive layers of mink furs on these leather garments as well as on the vintage inspired bomber and biker leather jackets are something to lookout for.

Take the lead anywhere you are

The symmetrical shapes on this season’s winter varieties also have its bearing on the traditional styles of vintage. The earthy colours of the classic and sublime designs of vintage leather outfits took on a new form with quilted designs on different geometric shapes. From wide stripes to rectangles and squares, these shapely details will surely get you noticed.

You can match these new yet timeless outfits with tight leg warmers for the winter. If you want to show a bit of skin, wear something short with knee-high leather boots to match. Carry along with you a toffee brown leather duffel bag with little fringes on the lock. Either vintage is your newfound way of dressing or something you like to try, counting on the latest collection of vintage leather jackets women of far different places adore will surely make you feel like a royal.