White Leather Jacket

The exclusive trend for leather jackets this Fall-Winter collections

Trends remain for a short time. But leather jacket is a staple which can stay even for a decade. Leather jackets portray a rebellious image, and this season fashion designers have come up with great designs which make in an essential piece of garment in everyone’s wardrobe. Leather jackets add a unique vibe to your look and keep you comfortable. It is extremely versatile; in warm weather you can wear it with a simple tee shirt, whereas in cold weather you can put it over a sweater. When worn with a floral dress, it can transform your simple look to a more dressy or formal look. Top of Form

Exclusive designs of leather jackets are available this Fall-Winter season. The aviator or flight jacket is a classic piece. The extra padding on this jacket is very helpful for the cold weather. It gives you a vintage look and a military appeal. Bomber jacket is very diverse in terms of design. It is suitable for people of all ages. Smoothly fitted cropped leather jacket is most popular this season. Biker jackets are very demanding this season. Fashion designers are coming up with creative designs for biker jackets. Biker jackets with waist belt and metallic color, biker jackets with floral prints, pastel colored mini biker jacket, and jungle print moto jacket, animal print jackets, suede biker jacket, etc. are the trend of this season. Biker jackets protect you well from adverse weather and give you safety. It is very stylish and so makes your biking experience very enjoyable. This season, biker jackets are getting popular among women as well. Hooded leather jackets are also trendy this season. This type of jacket gives you a young look and is most suitable for men of age less than twenty five. Other exclusive trends of leather includes: quilted leather jackets mainly in olive green and navy blue color, faux leather jacket, distressed leather jacket, varsity leather jackets, pea coats, trench coats in khaki color, shearling leather jackets, etc.

The classic black jacket is always fashionable. However, colored leather jackets are preferred this season. Brown is the next popular color to black for biker jackets. Dark colors are in trend now. Various shades of red, blue, yellow, burgundy and green are fashionable this season. Metallic colors like gold and silver are also very appealing. White leather jacket looks very elegant. White leather jacket has become very popular among men after the movie ‘Drive’ was released where Ryan Gosling wore a white silky bomber jacket. Colored leather jackets in various textures also change the overall look of the jacket. For example, wrinkled black leather jacket, wrinkled brown leather jacket, red python leather jacket, soft sea blue leather jacket, etc. Embroideries, studs, contrasting colors, prints, and other embellishments give a new edge to the traditional leather jackets.

A leather jacket has the ability to transform a simple outfit to a show stopper. Leather will always remain in fashion because of its functionality and universal appeal. From teenage to 60s, everyone looks good on a leather jacket. Quality of leather varies with price. A good quality leather jacket can last you a lifetime. Both men and women love the elegant look and appeal of a leather jacket. It is evident that leather jackets will be a prominent fashion item of every season.