White Leather Jackets For Women

Leather patterns and colors- the new trends of this season for leather jackets in women

Leather jacket for fall is clothing for modern and stylish appearance. Leather jackets no longer only portray edgy and rocking style; it shows that you are trendy and strong. Fashionable and cool leather jacket is a must have this season. Leather jackets in various styles, textures and colors have been presented this season. You can choose your unique style of leather jacket from this huge collection.

Black leather jackets still rules the trend. Black jackets are classic, elegant, practical and natural. Black leather jackets are included in almost every fashion designer’s collection this season. Colored leather jackets are also popular this season. Top designer houses even presented dark blue, pink and red leather jackets this season, along with other bright colors. Bright red leather jackets look very attractive and give you a rocking look. Deep blue leather jacket is elegant and can be worn as formal wear also. Pink leather jacket uplifts your youthful and vibrant girlish image. Leather jackets with contrasting collars and sleeves look extremely stylish. For example, black leather jacket with larger coffee brown folded collar and brown cuff will definitely turn heads around. White leather jackets for women give a ‘snow white’ effect season. White is always pure and fresh. White leather jackets for women depict the same image and you can even try going camouflaged by wearing white pants with it.

Texture of leather jackets have been a focus this season. Patent leather jacket gives you a sophisticated, yet tough image. The shiny appearance of patent leather looks attractive and glamorous. A combination of leather and fur has been the highlight this year. This blend of fabrics gives warmth and comfort. It looks feminine and rich. Fur is usually used as collar, hood, on the sleeves or as inside layer. Suede body with leather sleeves is also a stylish combination. Leather jackets in high gloss or shimmering matt texture are eye-catchers this season. Jacquard style, quilted texture, python texture, animal prints, floral patterns, etc. are prevalent in this season’s leather jacket collection.

Short biker jackets in lightweight version and longer biker jackets having formal look are the major fashion trend this season. Both oversized and fitted leather jackets remain on fashion. Cropped sleeves are the trendy. Leather parkas have been given a new sporty style by fashion designers this season. Padded leather jackets with belt round the waist are also a new style. Padded leather gives you more warmth, while belts give a stylish twist to the classic design of leather jacket. Metallic look on leather jackets look very glamorous. Metallic colors like gold, silver, ivory, bronze or shiny copper looks very attractive. Leather jackets which have a waxy oil finishing touch give it a very classic look and feel. Short bomber jackets and pea jackets are also very demanding this season. Double-breasted leather jackets with asymmetric zippers are in fashion. Waist length leather jackets are the dominating this season’s collection.

Leather jacket boosts your confidence and makes you look strong. The elegant appeal of leather jackets will continue to capture the hearts of fashion lovers for an indefinite period of time. A good quality leather jacket will last you a long time. So it’s worth spending a bit of your money on a quality leather jacket which will ultimately be a lifetime asset to you.