Womens Studded Leather Jacket

Leather jackets- the styles to expect in winter collection

There’s no one style that defines the leather jackets in this season of winter. The vast collections are diverse from conventional cuts to daring womens studded leather jacket to sweet dainty pastel shades. Whatever style you choose, you’ll surely discover that the new designs veer away from the usual norm to give you that modern, chic and edgy style in leather jacket.

Update your wardrobe with leather jackets that highlights the bright shades inspired by the jet setting lifestyle. The fast paced fashions are derived fromthe booming glory of the newest fashion capitals. These places are set to redefine your idea of leather jackets for the coming holidays.

The red leather jackets draws inspiration from Shanghai as the shopaholic’s newest destination that succeeded Hong Kong and Tokyo. Luxury brands are rising rapidly in this largest city in China. Did you know that this place hosts Shanghai fashion events semiannually? Pack up for the winter with different reds like the coral, mandarin and vermilion shades.

Take inspiration from Singapore’s sea lion with black leather jackets with golden hardware studs. Counting among Asia’s major fashion capitals, Singapore is now a home to fashion events and festivals. The growing success of its local labels paved way for fashion shows to showcase their brands for international recognition. This winter collection for womens studded leather jacket comes with embellishments of brass, gold and silvers.The stylish motorcycle jackets of this season look more edgy with studded leathers in different shapes and sizes.

Did you know that the glamour of Bollywood stardom paved way for India ‘s Mumbai to become a fashion capital? Not only that, its subcontinent New Delhi’s growing popularity for modern things opened its doors to fashion as well. Get inspired with the soft dainty colours of pale blue, light pink, and applegreen coloured leather jackets in this season’s wide selection of gentle shades.

The bold shades of Persian rose and sapphire blue leather jackets are sure to take inspirations from one of the luxury spending capital of the world, Dubai. Currently building its own fashion hub, the D3 is set to hold fashion events in an island off the coast. The bright shades of red, indigo, and emeralds you will see in the winter collections of leather jackets complements the colourful skyline of the city with the tallest tower.

For this season, the lavish new patterns on leather jackets have graced the fashion week events. The asymmetrical cuts on the lapels on most biker jackets are sure to get your eye. The flounce edged details on the woolly leathers shows off the extravagant trimmings of coyote furs. A style of overlapping blanket-like patterns resembling a robe looks good on belted jackets. These new shifts in the conventional winter clothing are likely patterned to the continuing changes in the most happening destinations worldwide.

Capturing the fashion world’s attention are the magnitudes of fur details on the jackets and coats for the cold months. The hoods of bomber jackets are set to take the lead. The shearlings that adorn these jackets come in multiple colours aside from the neutral tones that go well with the winter. Whether you’re ‘en route’ towork or off to the newest fashion enclaves, the unique designs, cool colours on this winter’s jackets are sure to let you discover an unexplored existence. Perhaps the womens studded leather jacket is worth uncovering these holidays.