Alex Mercer Jacket

Leather jacket trends for comics: The 5 most popular jackets

‘What is happening to me!!!’ --- Alex Mercer

Isn’t it astounding how satirical characters from the comic book origins have changed the way we consume fashion? This is how the Prototype series made the alex mercer jacket became one of themost popular leather jackets inspired by comics and video games. The ghostlike role of Alex often sees him with the iconic black leather jacket with red tribal pattern at the rear. The ‘biomass’ superhuman powers of the jacket in the story made it more covetable among game fanatics. And since the superhero is not alone in the imaginary tale, we’ve come up with jackets of his antagonist, James Heller and Alex’s sister Dana. In fact, there are other popular characters in the fantasy realm clad in a leather jacket we can’t get enough of. Let’s take a quick incognito escape from the real world.

James Heller jacket from the Prototype series

The vengeful character of James Heller wears a black leather jacket with exaggerated stand up collar and red lining. The fictional ‘biomass’ element on Heller’s jacket has superhuman strength, power and sense as well. Out to destroy Alex Mercer in the second series, the former US Marine soldier is fully equipped with offensive and defensive powers. You can have this jacket in distressed cowhide leather for that tough guy look. Who wouldn’t want a jacket that you can manipulate to your advantage?

Dana Mercer from the Prototype series

Dana is Alex’s sister who has outstanding abilities in surveillance, network design and hacking computers. She wears a V-neck short-cropped form-fitting black leather jacket. If you’re one of the ladies hooked in this open world action adventure series, a customized Dana Mercer jacket is up for grabs. Getting lost in New York City and finding yourself in the‘Yellow Zone’ has never looked so stylish.

Cole McGrath jacket from the Infamous series

Cole’s extraordinary power was unveiled when he delivered an explosive package in the Empire City. The iconic yellow mustard leather jacket with black patterns is perfect for this season’s hottest trend. The subdued shade is suitable for winter whether or not you love eating sandwiches with mustard sauce. Who would have thought a naïve bike messenger would have ‘elektrokinetic’ powers out of the box? It’s probably in the jacket.

Delsin Rowe vest from the Infamous series

Delsin is the main protagonist in the platformer videogame based on the DC comics that showcases the adventures of Cole McGrath. The second son’s Delsin Rowe is seen wearing a vest with red and white patch details at the back. His role as a former regular guy with sudden superpowers all the more made his outfit desirable among fantasy struck humans. You can have this customized in navy blue coloured leather with black shearling details for the hoodie in time for winter.

When a costume takes the centre stage, you can forget your perception about the protagonist and antagonist role of the characters. What really matters is the form and function of the jacket whether or not it comes with superhero controls. A customized comic hero inspired clothing like an alex mercer jacket is just one among the many choices we have these days. The latest trends this season like the colours, hardware accessories; patterns and style can be another way to add distinctiveness to your Infamous or Prototype inspired leather jacket.