Bane Coats

The top 10 leather garments from movies this season

1. Tom Cruise’s martial jacket from ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’

Tom Cruise is mostly seen wearing a moss green coat in the sci-fi action thriller about an alien race. The highly popular leather bane coats this season looks similar to the one he’s wearing particularly with length and sculpture. You can have your own version of this coat inspired by the B3 bomber jackets with shearlings.The military green goes well with your own customized ‘Major William Cage’ leather jacket.

2. Mila Jovovich’s leather catsuit from the ‘Resident Evil 5: Retribution’

The skintight leather suit of Mila Jovovich isn’t only good for surviving horror situations. Leather bodysuits have a time-honored popularity among lady bikers who fancies the sensual role of Marianne Faithful from the classic movie ‘The Girl in the Motorcycle’.

3. Jason Statham’s jacket from ‘The Expendables 3’

The all-star cast of the action film about the mercenary group features Jason Statham wearing black leather coat with belted collar. Since the actor is known to perform his own stunts, the tough leather jacket is perfect for his role as a knife expert.

4. Ice Cube’s jacket from the ‘22 Jump Street’

Ice Cube as Captain Dickson’s black leather jacket is taking a high jump in the fashion scene. His undercover role in a football team at a local college is a sequel from the television inspired movie 21 Jump Street. The shirt style collar is one of the popular styles for coats for all seasons.

5. Scarlet Johansson’s leopard print bomber jacket from ‘Lucy’

Scarlett portrayed the role of a drug mule with superpowerin this sci-fi action film. Since animal prints are making a roar this season, why not have your own tan coloured customized leather jacket with leopard details?

6. Pierce Brosnan’s black jacket from the ‘November Man’

Brosnan’s role as Peter Devereaux as an ex-CIA operative wears the ubiquitous black coloured jacket in the movie about a man who’s back on a personal job. You can have your own customized leather jacket with the same design if you’re a die-hard fan of Bill Granger’s novel.

7. Merrit Patterson’s biker jacket from the ‘Wolves’

Patterson wears a leather biker jacket from the promotional posters of the new movie, Wolves. If you’re a fan of leather garments and werewolf tales, you can’t simply ignore the jackets worn by the leading actors in the iconic movie advertisement.

8. Matt Damon’s green trench coat from ‘The Monuments Men’

The military inspired coats and jackets are popular this season. Take an inspiration from the movie about American-German war based on a book by Robert M. Edsel. Matt Damon wears a long olive green trench coat for the film, which you too can have in a customized leather trench coat for winter.

9. Johnny Depp’s brown leather coat from ‘Transcendence’

This action science fiction film shows Johnny Depp in a distressed coffee brown leather jacket. His role as Dr Will Casteris an Artificial Intelligence scientist. If you are fascinated the nature of the universe, you’ll certainly love the earthy colour of his jacket in the film.

Chris Evan’s jacket from Captain America: Winter Soldier

Speaking of winter, it’s that time of the year once again when you need to wear your cozy leather jackets, bane coats and blazers. If you’re a fan of the superhero films, why not have one of those customized red, white and blue leather jacket Captain America is famous for?