Beat It Jacket

Popular celebrity leather jackets which are popular this season: the top 6

There are six celebrity leather jackets that are really popular this season. These coats may not be the most iconic, but they are definitely what people are thinking about right now in terms of celebrity leather jackets this year.

Number six is the terminator jacket. The terminator was one of those movies that everybody and their mothers know about. It is by far Arnold’s most recognizable role in film history, which is saying a lot considering his long successful career. When the terminator first came back to the past, the first thing he thought to take off of some poor souls back was a badass biker’s outfit with the jacket to match. Without that jacket, he might not have been the instantly recognizable character he is today. The jacket said it all in a movie about killer robots from the future. Even in times of desolation, it’s still important to look the part.

The Michael Jackson beat it jacket.

The beat it jacket is the jacket that Michael was known for at his most popular. For the music video, Michael actually got real gangsters to play in his video a move that would make sure that his beat it music video would forever go down in history as one of the best music ideas of all time. The message he was sending was one that, though lost on much of the people of his time, was unique and not afraid to stand up for what was right. Don’t fight. Just beat it. That message is now forever engraved in pop culture history along with the late great Michael himself and his beat it jacket.

The fight club jacket

Fight club is a movie that’s almost reached iconic status, but notn quite. This jacket is further up the list then it probably should be for the simple fact of how good looking this jacket is. The first rule of fight club is not to take about fight club. Those the feelings this jacket embodies.

The Indiana jones jacket

Indiana Jones was another one of those movies that everyone saw rowing up. Indy, a badass archeologist/adventure, was the hero that every little boy wanted to be. He was smooth with the lady’s, good in a fight, good with a gun, always had a way out of every bad situation, always had a cleaver quip to go with his win, and always seemed to come out on top despite the odds against him. In a way Indy was and still is the ultimate underdog. Not to say he’s not skilled, just that the odds are always stacked against him but he always pulls through despite such odds.

The grease jacket

This jacket was the jacket of all jackets. Clean, fitted, and overall badass, this is the jacket we think of even today when we think of leather jackets. The film was one about rebellion and finding your way in the world, and this jacket embodies that train of thought. Chances are you could be wearing a jacket just like it and not even know it.

The sons of anarchy jacket

Sons of Anarchy is the Tv show that brought bikers back in a big way. For the first time, we had a look at the life of a motorcycle gang from a somewhat real perspective. These bikers weren’t glorified heroes bent on saving the day, these bikers were gangsters looking to take the world for their own. The jacket they wear is number two this season because the show is ending and the hype is bigger than ever before.