Blade Jacket

The bad and tough guy look- The top movie jacket trends

More than your attitude, what defines your personality and the type of person you want to be is your clothing. According to many fashion designers, you are what you wear. Well, most young guys today want to be the “bad guys”. This is one of the most common desires of a young energetic man; to look tough and bad. Now where clothing is mostly inspired by the celebrities and famous TV stars, this season the best “tough guy” look is inspired by the famous Blade.

The character of blade got famous in no time. People started to replicate its clothing and a huge demand crowded the fashion market. Out of all the other clothing, the blade jacket earned most of the demand.

The blade jacket has everything we talk about bestselling leather and features that take things to the best and highest level. The core features are inspired by the racing lines of clothing, but overall the jacket fits to every riding to casual experience. The blade jacket is basically designed for the comfort of everyday use and a comfortable riding/touring experience.

The top feature of this jacket starts from the best quality leather. The look of leather itself speaks for its comfort and warmth. It is made up of full grain cowhide that is supple and soft. Cowhide is known to provide excellent tear and abrasion resistance. This makes it perfect for rough use.

Second, the stitching techniques are amazing. Not double, but triple seams are used for the stitching of the blade jacket. The seams are stitched with strong and reliable bonded nylon to provide best possible burst resistance. Other than these, it includes RST profile street fit features designed to provide complete ease and comfort of movement while driving or running. Having contour plus protector as the standard features, it acts as a perfect armor for shoulders, knees and elbows along with optional pockets for the hip armour. It also includes a removable fleece gilet (thermal), keeping you easy and comfortable all along the season. The jacket is full length. However, most replicas these days have changed the length at custom made designs. At custom made designs, it is also possible to get a different color of leather.

The best part about this jacket is that you can fit it with any formal to casual event. Although it is mostly used or casual events (as planned for sports men), the overall look of the jacket is decent and suitable for any semi formal event. For a casual event you can wear it with any color or type of jeans with a plain T shirt. On the other hand for the formal wear, it compliments well with a nice color dress pant.

Among a range of top celebrity trends of clothing falls this unique and always famous blade jacket. Mainly because of the material and the look of this jacket, the customers have gone wild in search of this beautiful blade jacket. There are various platforms through which you can find this jacket, the best way however is to go personally out there in the market for its search. The problem with the online stores is the reliability of the size, material and the actual design you are looking for.