Brad Pitt Leather Jacket

The top 5 Brad Pitt movie jackets which made new style statements

Brad Pitt can be considered among the most stylish of them Hollywood actors. His versatile roles, the characters he portrays and the clothes he puts on in his movies become instant hit and become the talk of town in the fashion world. Brad Pitt’s movie jackets are even more graceful and famous; take the red leather jacket he puts on in The Fight Club for instance. That particular jacket worn by Pitt’s character as an alter ego of the protagonist has become famous as the Brad Pitt Leather Jacket.

Let us venture to take a look at 5 of the best Brad Pitt movie jackets.

 • Legend of the fall:

In this particular movie Brad Pitt puts on a 100 percent pure leathered brown jacket. After the movie, this particular jacket became an instant hit among fashion fanatics and made an instant new style statement. This particular jacket contains a buttoned front and a buckled strap in the waist. This jacket has hems and open cuffs and contains four pockets on the front; couple of pockets each on the waist region and the chest region. This jacket has viscose linings and a clean and macho finishing.

 • Inglorious Bastards:

Pitt portrays an American Army officer during the second war in this Quentin Tarantino masterpiece. He is seen in a long length military jacket and that resulted in this jacket being an instant style statement. This jacket was constructed of genuine leather and has an open collar with polyester linings in various places. This particular jacket contained a buttoned shut and was brown in color although this jacket can be found in black. This was a tightly fitted jacket with belted fittings and is considered among a type of jacket named as a loose coat style jacket.

 • Fight Club jacket:

Unofficially called a Brad Pitt leather jacket as mentioned above, this particular jacket created a lot of fuss around the town along with Pitt’s character Tyler in the movie. Pitt has put on a red colored jacket with a hell of a lot of charisma and style which further resulted in the increasing popularity of this jacket. This particular jacket was crafter of cowhide leather. This is a buttoned up jacket and since is created of cowhide is a rather soft leather for easy and casual wearing. This jacket along with Brad Pitt’s characters persona combined to create a new style sensation.

 • Fury:

Fury is an upcoming movie based on the Second World War starring Brad Pitt. The amazing thing about this movie, Pitt and fashion is that a particular jacket in this movie worn by Pitt is already being called ‘The Fury Pitt Outfit’. It is a commando style outerwear which helps present Pitt’s character as a strong macho man. This jacket has a zipped closure on the front and a couple of pockets on the waist region. It is a bomber commando jacket and the way Pitt looks in them in some of the teasers have proved to be enough to make them an immediate style magnet.

 • Killing Them Softly:

Another addition into the Brad Pitt leather jacket club, this particular biker-styled jacket is crafter of sheepskin leather and has a shirt styled collar with buttoned closing and a couple of side waist pockets. This jacket can be put on as a casual wear for almost any purpose due to which this jacket became an instant fashion fanatic’s love.