Easy Rider Jacket

New Trends in leather coats which made news this Fall-Winter collection

While there are many popular leather styles that are in this season, a couple of them actually made news with how popular the incoming styles would be. Leather pants happened to be one of them. Tight fitting and made for a women with all the right curves, leather pants are a great way to show off that booty this year in style with a pair of pants that hugs the body perfectly and tightly. The easy rider jacket was another one of those looks that made news this season. Ever since easy rider, the easy rider jacket has been one of those jackets that everyone simply adores. With a new feeling of patriotic air sweeping the nation, this jacket took off this season. Another style that made news was the new trend in suede jackets. New suede jackets this season are thinner and more flowing then in years previous. This season is all about style over functionality. The last big thing that made headlines in leather this season was the new trends in leather wallets. This year’s leather wallets are more rouged and natural looking then in years past.

It’s no secret that man love to see women in leather pants. These pants are some of the most seductive pants a woman can wear period. They cling to your body, emulate nudity, and overall seem to flatter the female figure in general. This look made news this season because of how sexy and functional they are. If you’re looking for something warm that you can still look like a fox in, leather pants may just be for you this year. It’s a bold look that takes a confident women with a diehard figure to pull off. If you think you’re up for it this seen, don’t think. Just do. Go for a style that will turn heads on every block.

The easy rider jacket also made headlines this season in terms of things to wear. Easy rider was a movie that people simply loved to death, and with the famous easy rider jacket being all about America it was sure to make headlines this year what with a new feel of American patriotism going around. The easy rider jacket is a look that dubs anybody who wears it as Captain America. Don’t be left behind this season. Support your country with a jacket that says America in all the right ways,

The new suede jackets for women of this season also made headlines this season. These jackets are really thin and flow as compared to in years past. The suede is made to shine and the materials that are mixed in with it are all high quality materials. The colors are bold such as blue red and green. This year’s suede jacket collection for women is defiantly bolder then in past years when conservatism made headlines. This year is all about color coordination and flair as opposed to conservatism and sensibility.

Finally the last thing to talk about is the new trend in men’s leather wallets. Some are sleek and futuristic looking, pure black and seamless seems to be the new thing in terms of black leather wallet. Brown leather wallets on the other hand all have seams this season. Some are aged for that vintage look while others are simply made to look like something a man would wear. Overall, the feeling behind this seasons brown wallet collection is Wild West.