Ferris Bueller Jacket

The ever popular celebrity jackets: The top 5

Movies and fashion has always gone hand in hand. Whenever a movie is popular, the style and fashion trends used in the movies become equally popular among people. Sometimes, in case of some classic movies, the fashion trends become evergreen and do not fade even in years. The trend continues for generations and become even more popular. Few of such iconic celebrity jackets are discussed below:

 • Fight Club Jacket:

Though the movie was not successful in box office at the time of release, it has since then been able to gather a cult status among the movie goers and people. Just like various dialogues and events are part of the popular pop culture now, the fashion and style used in the movie has also become popular. Most notable is the brown leather jacket used by one of the main characters Tyler Durden played by Brad Pitt. The very handsome actor puts on a brown leather jacket which has become very popular staple at the present day. It suits perfectly with the anarchy and carefree nature of the character.

 • Ferris Bueller Jacket:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a classic movie which is still one of a kind till this day. It presents a particular style and fashion through its titular character among which is a leather jacket. Now known popularly as the Ferris Bueller Jacket, it is a leather jacket with black and off white color with a zipper that runs along the length of the jacket in the front. The Ferris Bueller Jacket is classic as the movie itself and many fans of the movies put on this get up even now. This is one of the evergreen leather jacket used by a celebrity.

 • Top Gun Jacket:

Top Gun is one of the most iconic and generation defining movie. The outfit used by the main character Maverick in the movie is very popular style among people. The character puts on a black leather bomber jacket to portray his headstrong, macho character. It takes the word cool to a whole new level with riding motorcycles and flying fighter planes in that bomber jacket. Fans have been inspired by the look and style of the movie till this day and age. They compare themselves to the Maverick character when putting on the black bomber jacket. The jacket gives a strong sense of style and machismo.

 • Matrix Jackets:

Another trend setting movie franchise is The Matrix Trilogy. The movies present the main character in a long black overcoat which is a very strong style statement. It grasps the tone and message of the movie perfectly. The hero looks very classy and stylish along with a strong sense of authority. The attire seems fitting even when he is taking on hundreds of the villain at the same time. Flying through the sky, the coat gives a surreal sense and adds to the style and complexity of the character.

 • Michael Jackson Jacket:

One of the most iconic and super celebrity is Michael Jackson whose style and fashion have touched millions of people all around the world. He is among the few celebrities who is so well known in the world. Everything he put on would become a style statement. One of his most popular style is the jacket used in the music video of the song Thriller. The red leather jacket with few black stripes shaped in a V, is one of the most famous celebrity jacket.